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With sustainability currently at the forefront of everyone’s mind, you may be considering purchasing an electric bike. Without any fuel consumption, these bikes create zero emissions while still offering the same adrenaline-fuelled ride. Whether it’s a dirt, motocross, off road or trail bike, read this article to find the best electric vehicles on the market.


Image credit: https://www.zeromotorcycles.com/zero-ds/

  • Adventure-ready motorcycle
  • Connects with the Zero Motorcycles app
  • Top speed: 102mph
  • Torque: 157Nm 

Although not technically a dirt bike, the Zero DS is an adventure-ready motorbike suitable for eco-conscious thrill-seekers. Coming in a range of models – from the DS, the DSR and the Zero DSR Black Forest – the electric bike has torque ranging from 106Nm to 157Nm and top speeds covering 98mph to 102mph. The bike can confidently take you from the city to a dirt road with ease. One hour of charging can power the battery enough for 94 miles. Prices start at $10,995 (£8,378).


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Image credit: https://surron.co.uk/products/surron-lbx-dual-sport-e-dirt-bike

  • Electric trail bike
  • Top speed: 47mph
  • Power: 6kW
  • Torque: 39Nm

The Electric X model offers two modes – sport and standard – for speed and reliability. With a 60V battery that charges in three and a half hours, the cell can be removed for ease and can take you as far as 60 miles. With strong suspension, the bike is perfectly designed for off-road and trail experiences – ideal for green laning. With speeds of up to 47mph, the bike’s net weight of only 47kg makes it agile and versatile. The bike retails for a reasonable £3,995. In 2020, Sur-Ron will be adding the MX Dirt Bike, also known as the Storm, to its electric collection.


Image credit: https://www.razor.com/products/electric-rides/mx350-dirt-rocket/

  • Designed for 13+
  • Twist grip throttle
  • Top speed: 14mph
  • Battery life: 30 mins

Not all the vehicles in this list are adult electric dirt bikes – the Razor Dirt Rocket MX350 is designed for children aged 13 and above. Having won multiple toy awards, the bike is simple to construct and operate, and offers the thrill of the ride to a younger audience. With front and rear 12-inch pneumatic, knobby tyres and adjustable handlebars, the bike comes in at $329.99 (£251.44). The only feature that doesn’t quite stand up to the rest of the bike’s quality is its hand-operated brake. But with speeds of up to 14mph, this isn’t a huge issue.


Image credit: https://surron.co.uk/products/surron-lbx-dual-sport-e-dirt-bike

  • Designed for 16+
  • Top speed: 17mph
  • Power: 650W
  • Battery life: 40 mins

Perfect for teenagers wanting that adrenaline rush, the MX650 is the perfect upgrade to the MX350. Offering more speed and battery life, the bike is ideal for those 16 and older. The adjustable handlebars allows you to customize the fit – meaning the bike can work for teenagers and adults alike. The bike’s robust steel frame makes it durable within the toughest conditions, while twist grip acceleration and disc brakes give the rider all the control at the reasonable price of $729.99 (£556.22).


  • Electric motocross bike 
  • Three riding modes
  • Power: 18kW
  • Torque: 42Nm

The KTM Freeride X-XC has been a favourite in the motocross scene for years – the 2020 edition will likely be no different. An updated PowerPack has enhanced capacity to enable a longer ride, with 50% more capacity while still creating zero emissions. The bike has been designed with recuperation technology to enable a quiet yet thrilling ride with one if it’s three ride modes: Economy, Enduro and Cross. The water-cooled control unit ensures the system can perform under any conditions, while its steel-aluminium composite frame supports the electric motor. The frame is stiff enough to support the rider when performing high jumps, making it perfect for motocross.


  • Three riding modes
  • Top speed: 50mph
  • Power: 10kW
  • Fully charged: 2 hours

Built to be ridden through mountains and forests, the Vortex is ready for any terrain. With three power modes – Eco, Normal and Boost – the vehicle can also legally be ridden as a bicycle as long as it’s programmed with a speed limitation of 15mph. Weighing just 59kg, the frame is large enough to be shared by two. The bike uses regenerative braking to return up to 30% of energy to the battery. This feature can be adjusted using your mobile phone. As the back wheel is directly connected to the motor, the constant chain tension makes the vehicle very responsive. The bike can be charged 600 times before it loses only 20% of its battery capacity, meaning the $5,999 (£4,571) investment should last you a long time.


  • Electric enduro bike
  • Selectable gears
  • Torque: 60Nm or 85Nm
  • Battery life: 185,000km

Named after the goddess of silence, Italy’s Tacita aims to create bikes that respect people and the environment. The bike comes in four options: 11kW, 27kW, 34kW and full kevlar/carbon body. The 11kW and 27kW bikes offer 60Nm of torque, while the 34kW bike provides 85Nm of torque. Offering 185,000km in one charge, the bike combines efficiency and pleasure. With a five-speed gearbox and the perfect balance of power, torque and traction, the T-Race Enduro looks and feels the part. Prices start at €14,098 (£11,915).


Image credit: https://ridecake.com/kalk-or/

  • Electric off-road bike
  • Three riding modes
  • Top speed: 50mph+
  • Battery life: 3 hours

Specialising in environmentally friendly, off-road bikes, Sweden’s CAKE offers the Kalk OR. Due to a digital pre-setting, the bike provides three riding modes: Explore with standard riding, Excite for endure or trail riding and excel for maximal torque. The sleek, stylish and modern equipment can charge up to 80% in an hour and half. An aluminium frame, 24-inch wheels and adjustable suspension offer versatility and durability, while the brand prides its bike on torque and acceleration. The vehicle is priced at €13,000 (£10,987).


  • Customisable wheels
  • Connects with the Kuberg Volt app 
  • Top speed: 34mph
  • Battery life: 1 hour

Suitable for adults and teenagers, the modern FreeRider links directly to the Kuberg Volt app to monitor the bike’s functionality – perfect for adults with younger riders. The bike can also connect to WiFi with a streamport. Running up to 34mph and frame designed for versatility, the bike can speed along flat ground or fight its way around rough terrain. The FreeRider is also customisable – you can select 20-inch, 24-inch or 26-inch wheels, as well as an 8kW, 12kW or 14 kW power level. With prices starting at €4,658.50 (£3,937.32), the bike has a lot to offer for a relatively low price.


  • Regenerative braking
  • Connects with the Zero Motorcycles app
  • Top speed: 85mph
  • Torque: 106Nm

Zero Motorcycles’ Zero FX uses a Z-Force® 75-5 motor to reach speeds of up to 85mph. With a 106Nm of torque and minimal noise, the bike offers a fast yet smooth ride. Zero has fitted the vehicle with regenerative braking – meaning that when the binders are squeezed, energy is sent back to the battery, which is charged with a simple 110V household outlet. Combining innovation and adrenaline, the bike can connect to the Zero Motorcycles app to customise performance. The ZF3.6 Modular starts at $8,995 (£6,853) while the ZF7.2 costs $10,995 (£8,378).


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