American artist James rice is behind creating this beautiful and intrinsic sculpture, using nothing by bent spoons. Spoons are probably one of the most unusual art mediums that we’ve ever come across, and Rice would probably had never used them if it weren’t for his wife ordering them in error as wedding favours. His wife found herself in possession of far too many spoons, so she asked her Air Force veteran husband to make something cool for her.

Rice immediately thought of Motorcycles, So a few hours later, his very first sculpture had been created – a basic motorcycle made of spoons, albeit he did use wheel bearings for tyres. “That was before I went 100 percent spoons,” he said. After that, he kept building more models, each one more detailed and intricate than the last. And he stopped using other materials, focusing only on shaping each detail with stainless steel spoons.

Rice’s Etsy page reads: “Everything on his chopper is spoons; engine, wheels, tires, gas tank. He truly sees how to make the unassuming spoon into something most of us would have never thought of.”

Now that Rice has used up all the extra spoons lying around the house, he and Buckley spend their free time looking for more spoons at thrift stores and yard sales. And their friends regularly bring over spare spoons as well. Buckley, who names the models after animals they remind her of, revealed that it now takes Rice months to complete each one. “The Wasp took him about nine months,” she said. “That’s when he made some custom tools to bend and shape them without hammering. The Owl took about four and a half months. They wouldn’t take as long if that was all he did, but he usually works around 60 hours a week at his regular job.”

Rice’s latest creation, named ‘The Bagger’, is 21 inches long and weighs a little over seven pounds. After winning three awards at Washington State Fair’s Fine Art Show, it is now available for sale on Etsy, priced at $3,899.99. His work has also been covered by CNN, Buzzfeed, and Seattle’s Q13 Fox News. But what baffles Rice the most is that a photograph of ‘The Wasp’, featured on the Facebook page of motorcycle movie Why We Ride, was shared a whopping 130,453 times. “I never thought that would happen,” he said. “People are loving it. Not just the biker crowd, everybody likes it.”

“And that’s what I wanted, he added. “I wanted some kind of legacy. Something to be remembered for.”

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