Armed Motorcycle Police

You no doubt read that the Met Police Chief recently confirmed to everyone that a terror attack in London was not a case of If, but When.  The police have been busy planning for their response to such an attack.  They have now drafted in the first 600 additional Counter-Terrorism officers, and have put together a task force of ‘Rapid Responders’, that will arrive by Motorcycle.

The Motorcycle of choice is grey BMW F800GS’s.  The officers have been training off road, and during a terror attack in our capital they will have full authorisation to mount the kerbs, use the pathways, and take any means necessary to get on scene as quickly as possible.  You can imagine how quickly London would become gridlocked in the event of a terror attack, it barely moves on an average day, this causes huge delays for armed response teams to get on scene, as they traditionally would arrive in vans. These motorcycle response teams will be much more efficient.

The Met Police Chief confirmed that the intention is to have a ‘driver’, and a pillion, so that 2 officers per motorcycle can get on scene quickly and efficiently.

The armed rapid response teams will also be trained to travel to the scene by boat, and by abseiling down buildings.


The Counter Terrorism Officers attire is pretty much polar opposite to the usual high vis, approachable look of the police.  This is intentional.  These officers are masked in order to protect their identity from attackers, which can help in a variety of different circumstances – from hostage situations, targeted attacks to kidnap attempts. The masks provide an extra layer of safety for counter-terrorism officers as they carry out their various specialist tasks.

What are your thoughts on the new Teams and tactics on keeping London safe?

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