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Planning a summer road trip? The team at Bikesure come up with the seven best summer motorcycle accessories that will help make your tour a more memorable occasion.

Camper trailer

One of the drawbacks of an extended stay on your summer road trip is the fact that you have to travel so light, that’s where a motorcycle camper trailer can come in so handy. 

The trailer attaches to your bike’s factory hitch. If you don’t have one, you’ll have to buy one and get it fitted by an expert.

Your engine must be 125cc or more to tow a small trailer. Government guidelines state that the trailer must be no more than one metre wide and marked permanently with its weight without a load. 

When the trailer is loaded, it must weigh no more than 150kg or two thirds the kerbside weight of your motorbike, whichever is lighter.

You’ll also need to make sure there is no more than 2.5 metres between the rear axle of your bike and the end of the trailer. Read this blog to find out more about camper trailers for your summer road trip.

Luggage box and panniers

If your budget doesn’t extend to a trailer you will need a decent lockable luggage box and panniers in which to transport all your summer road trip gear. 

You basically get what you pay for from a luggage box and they can range in price from around £40 to several hundreds of pounds. Decent panniers are a little more expensive, costing from around £80 to several hundreds of pounds. 

Have a chat with your bike dealer to work out which luggage set-up is going to suit you on your summer road trip. But the more luggage space you have, the more gear you can take with you to make your tour more enjoyable. 


Getting the right tent is the cornerstone of a good camping holiday. One of the key things to look out for when buying a tent is its hydrostatic head rating – or how water resistant it is. 

The general rule of thumb is that the higher the rating, the drier you’ll be. However, you should also take into consideration the quality of the seams as poorly stitched and sealed tents are more likely to leak. 

Read this blog to find out more about some of the best biker tents on offer.


summer road trip

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Sleeping bag

A good sleeping bag can be the difference between a warm and restful night on your summer road trip and a sleepless one, so it’s important you make the right choice before you buy.

Sleeping bags have either down or synthetic insulation. Down bags tend to last longer and have a good warmth to weight ratio but they are more expensive and need a little more care.

Down bags should not be stored long term in their small compression sacks as this squashes the down. And they must be kept dry so the down doesn’t compact, that means they will have to be packed in a good waterproof bag when you are on the move.

The warmth to weight ratio of synthetic bags is not quite so good and they don’t pack away as small, but they do retain their insulating properties, even if they get wet. 

Motorcycle kickstand shoes

If your summer road trip takes you camping, off-roading or along a soft or sand track, a kickstand shoe will be very handy — it is essentially a puck that attaches to the bike’s sidestand to stop it sinking into the soft ground.

They are easy to fit and pretty reasonably priced, from around a tenner and up to around £45 for the top of the range. Motorcycle Parts Warehouse has quite a selection suitable for all manner of bikes. 

Motorcycle tracker

Whether you have an expensive off-the-shelf sports bike, or a precious customised classic, the addition of a motorcycle tracking device can bring peace of mind for any rider on a summer road trip. 

Many trackers work by contacting you directly through a mobile phone app and some link to a call centre – someone contacts you when the tracker triggers the need for an alert.

There are a wide variety of motorcycle tracking systems on the market, from expensive devices linked with automatic alerts and subscription charges, to cheaper options you can fit yourself. Read this blog to find out more about motorcycle trackers


A motorcycle satnav will add to the enjoyment of your summer road trip. It will guide you along the quickest route to your destination but can also divert you via more entertaining roads and recommend stops along the way.

Dedicated motorcycles satnavs are waterproof and shockproof and have glove-friendly touchscreens. There are a variety of manufacturers, TomTom, Garmin, Beeline, and they will probably set you back anything from £350-£550. 

summer road trip

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Helmet chain

Your motorcycle helmet is your life saver and no doubt you have spent a lot of money on it. But you don’t want to cart it around everywhere with you when you are on a summer road trip so how do you keep it safe when you take a break and stretch your legs?

A motorcycle helmet lock will secure your lid while you go for a wander and they only cost £20 or £30. That makes it good sense to invest in one. 

Take Bikesure motorcycle insurance on your summer road trip

Whatever you take with you on your summer road trip make sure you take Bikesure’s specialist motorcycle insurance with you. Bikesure has a range of policies to suit bikers from every walk of life and motorcycles, scooters and mopeds of every description. 

What’s more you can pack your Bikesure insurance policy with all sorts of extras giving you even more peace of mind on your summer road trip. These include:

  • Breakdown cover for the UK and EU from £56 a year
  • Helmet and leathers cover from £29.99 a year
  • Keycare cover from £18 a year
  • Insurance to ride any bike from £29.99 a year, and
  • Agreed value cover from £36 a year

Call 0330 123 1028 for a free no obligation quote or book a call back at a time that suits you. 


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