Best Summer Motorcycle Boots

Now the sun’s finally making an appearance it’s time to treat your feet to some new summer riding boots.

But which ones? There are literally hundreds to choose from. You want light, with good feel, but they’ve still got to be durable. Smart would be nice too.

The BikeandRider team decided to take a look at what’s on offer and make a few suggestions. Here are what we think are the top five summer bike boots for 2017.

Go High Tech With A Roarr

If you’re looking for a summer boot designed for the street and for track days, the Sidi Roarr is the one we’d go for. What you’ve got here is race engineering for feet. Not just ventilation through breathable fibres, but actual vent closures on the sides, plus teflon mesh lining that allows sweat to evaporate.

Foot safety is a strong-point. There are ankle support braces, a trademarked Vertebra System to protect your Achilles, a shock-absorbing heel and a shin deflector. Most things can be fixed if you do any damage, because all the bolt-on parts are replaceable. These boots cost around £230, and that’s a good investment.

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Subtle Quality From Alpinestars

Everybody knows how good Alpinestars bike gear is. Top kit, whatever you choose. Their Supertech R is a brilliant boot. It’s light, strong, offers excellent ankle protection and has the replaceable sliders that are a must if you’re the enthusiastic type.

The trouble is, although they’re comfortable enough, they are a bit clunky for casual walking around. They’re also four-hundred quid. You’ll find discounts, but they’re still pricey.

So we’d have the Alpinestars SP-1. Same exceptional quality, great ankle protection, microfiber to keep your feet cool, and loaded with comfort technology – but much less bulky, and smart enough to wear anywhere. List price is £140, but you probably won’t pay that.

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Vintage Rocker

No, not me, it’s the latest trend in summer motorcycle boots from Dainese. This is another company that produces superb bike gear, and we’ve chosen their Dainese Street Rocker D-WP for our round-up of summer bike boots.
Classic looks hide serious motorcycle purpose.

There’s a tough, cowhide upper with a breathable membrane inside. There are heel inserts and reinforced insoles too, so you’ve got safety as well as comfort. Style and substance for £150-ish. Got to get me some of them.

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Forma And Function

Sometimes smart and subtle does the trick, and that’s what you get with the Forma Twister boot.

Cordura and suede, combined with their “Drytex” lining, gives you breathable yet hard-wearing footwear. Inside there are ankle guards for safety and a memory foam sole for comfort – motorbike boots that remember whose feet they fit!

It’s another pair that does a good job of disguising themselves as ordinary shoes, and at about £115, the price isn’t too shabby either!
The Forma Twister boots are available from GetGeared.

Swiss Precision – And Great Value

Our final pick for best summer biking boots are the iXS Breeze. Here you’ve got a microfibre and textile mix that combines high strength with good ventilation. The Gore-Tex membrane is also waterproof, yet adds virtually nothing to the weight.

Ergonomic design improves comfort on the bike or on foot. You’ve got a reinforced heel and ankle protection too.
Although iXS isn’t well known in the UK, they’re big in Europe. Given that these quality summer boots are under £80, we suspect they’ll be increasingly popular over here!

The IXS Breeze Boots are available from SportsBikeShop.

Best Foot Forward

The best summer motorcycle boots offer protection, comfort and style. Each of our five top choices achieve this in different ways, and we’d be happy with any of them. It’s just a question of which suits your riding best.

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