Intercom Compare

A Quick, Easy Way to know that you are getting the best available deal

As you may know, BikeandRider has operated a Motorcycle Clothing Price Comparison engine on our site pretty much since launch.  This has proven immensely popular with our users, allowing them to know that they are getting the best deal possible with their hard earned cash!

Having developed and reliably run the comparison engine for Jackets, Gloves, and Helmets, we were looking for more areas to break into.  User research told us that you guys REALLY like your electronics, and not only that, but the prices seem to fluctuate massively, due to retailers such as Amazon also trying to get in on the action!  This therefore seemed the sensible route forward.  (Prices do vary greatly too, so there is some definite savings to be had!)

We decided to launch a micro-site to host the intercom price comparison engine.  The site is branded “Intercom Compare”.  The site will remain part of the ‘BikeandRider’ community, however we have assigned separate resources to develop this further.  We’ll learn more rapidly from this dedicated niche site, and this will allow us to develop and improve the price comparison functionality into a market leading product.

We are still comparing prices against our usual 3 retailers, SportsbikeShop, GetGeared, and GhostBikes, but we’ve also added Amazon into the mix for Intercom Compare.  We’re in the process of signing up our first european partner FCmoto too!  (You’ll be pleased to hear that both of these retailers will also be turning up on the clothing comparison engines fairly soon!)

One of the great additional features that we’ve integrated into Intercom Compare is the ability to track and provide you with available (& Valid) Voucher Codes.  We then list the lowest price we can find for you, inclusive of discount vouchers, and delivery costs.

Intercom Compare currently lists and tracks the best selling intercoms in the market, but it is by no means an exhaustive selection yet (More are coming!).  If you’d like to see specific additional models and/or brands tracked, please contact us through the parent BikeandRider site here.

Any feedback that you can provide on ease of use (or lack of), product range, retailer choice, or anything else for that matter, is absolutely invaluable to us.  Please do take the time to let us know your thoughts, either via the BikeandRider contact page, or any of our social media channels.

If you’d like to check out the new site, we’ve added it into the “Price Comparison” main menu of the site, or you can access it directly at the following link:

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