BMW Motorcycles have issued a BMW G650 GS recall affecting 252 bikes in the UK.  It has been identified that there is a software error in the Digital Motor Electronics engine control unit, which can cause a faulty setting of the idle controller. This can result in the engine cutting out, stopping or stalling when the engine is at idle speed and declutched. With any mechanical faults within the engine, it can increase the potential for the engine to cut out, stopping or stalling. This can therefore place the rider at risk under certain riding conditions or situations.

This recall affects the G650 GS & G650 GS Sertao models manufactured between 08/11/2012 and 29/10/2015. The affected vehicles will have a VIN in the range WB1018804FZ581343 to WB101880XGZ668567.

BMW have agreed to recall all of the affected units and install new updated software to rectify the issue.

This is actually not the first time that this model has been recalled for a ‘software issue’.  BMW recalled 227 of these bikes back in September 2015 with similar symptoms, which at the time was also fixed with a software update.  It does make you wonder if bikes are becoming a little more complicated than need be!

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