GS1200 Recall

BMW have launched a R 1200GS recall affecting almost 11,000 bikes currently on UK roads. It has come to light that the fixed fork tube can suffer preliminary damage due to unusual incidents with momentary high stress without the user noticing the damage. Through longer usage with high stress the pressed in seal plug can loosen. This would usually lead to oil leaks, a clacking noise, and cause noticeably imprecise drivability. If these signals are not perceived or ignored and further high stress incidents occur, the plug may become completely loose. Subsequently, critical driving conditions cannot be ruled out.

BMW have agreed to recall the machines that are likely to be affected and retrofit with an additional fixed fork bush, or – if the preliminary damage is too much – the fixed front tubes are replaced by appropriately modified new parts.

This BMW GS Recall affects both the GS and GS Adventure models built between 22/08/2013 and 19/06/2017.

The VINS affected are WB10A0202FZ216184 to WB10A0207HZ923445. BMW will be notifying affected owners directly, if you are concerned that you may be affects but have not heard from BMW, we recommend that you contact your local BMW Motorcycle dealer. This BMW GS1200 recall is being tracked by BMW under reference 0000313000

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