Did You Know : Kangaroo & Stingray Leather is found in Motorcycle Gloves!

Stingray Leather, Really? Believe it or not, stingray leather has been used for thousands of years. Stingray Leather has been found in the tombs of Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs.  The Japanese were also one of the early adopters of using Stingray Leather for protection.  Samurai were the first to use the skins as armour because of its incredible strength. Stingray skin is naturally resistant to being punctured, burned or torn.  It is 25 times stronger, and more lightweight than cowhide, which makes it a great material for use in motorcycle clothing, particularly in areas where sliding is likely to occur.

Kangaroo, Why? Simply, it can be cut really thin, and still remain really strong. Kangaroo Leather can be cut down to 20% of its original thickness, and still retain up to 60% of its strength. In comparison, Cowhide if cut down to 20% of its original thickness retains only 1-4% of its original strength. The reason that this works is simple, Kangaroo’s do not sweat through most of their skin, this means they don’t have the same ‘pored’ structure that cowhide has. Not having these little pores throughout the hide means that it is naturally a much stronger material to use. Kangaroo Leather is often used on the palm of higher end motorcycle gloves, this ensures that you retain the protection, whilst allowing maximum feeling through the glove.

Below are a couple of examples of motorcycle gloves that use both of these materials. These are made from multi award winning motorcycle clothing manufacturer HELD.

Held Phantom II Gloves

Held Titan Evo Gloves

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