Forma Adventure Boots

Here we have our Forma Adventure Boots Review. The Adventures are aptly named for their target audience, that being the Adventure Touring and dual sport riding market.

We’ve not had a chance to test these boots in hot weather as yet, since its been cold, and very wet for the past 8 weeks! However, the Forma Adventure Boots boast a temperature regulating liner, which should make them equally comfortable in the summer months.

Having ridden in the boots for 8 weeks, in cold, and very wet British weather, we can honestly say that we’ve not experienced even the slightest bit of moisture making its way to our socks! We’ve ridden through rainstorms, muddy puddles, and even subjected them to the nastiness of the road spray of the M1. They truly are waterproof through and through.

In terms of comfort, despite their cumbersome look, these boots have struck the perfect balance between safety and comfort. They offer more than adequate protection in all of the key areas, yet you can still walk around in them without feeling like a storm trooper. The Forma Adventure boots are pretty perfect in terms of height, are plenty supportive, and have armoured areas in the key places.

The boots are made of Leather, and are available in both Black and Brown. They feature a waterproof temperature regulating membrane, a deep and grippy sole, have a classic 3 buckle design, and incorporate a gear change pad on the toes. To really beef up the protection they also have protective support inserts at the ankle.

So if you are looking for an all rounder, that you can literally live in for months at a time, that is going to offer you the level of protection only a smidgen short of a fully fledged motocross boot, then the Forma Adventure Boots are most certainly the boots for you.

These boots are designed to protect you wherever your adventure takes you, with a definite thought toward the off-road adventures you may encounter on your travels. If you’re less akin to take the your machine off-road, and are looking for something similar for on-road use, then we’d recommend you take a look at the Forma Adventure Low boots.

Overall, we’re incredible happy with them, and don’t think that there is a terrain they wouldnt handle well.

So there you have it, thats our short and sweet Forma Adventure Boots Review.  Both the Forma Adventure Boots and The Forma Adventure Low Boots are available to purchase at GetGeared

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