getgeared launches new site

Motorcycle Clothing & Accessories retailer Getgeared, has launched their swanky new website today!  Their new site is leaps and bounds ahead of their old one, which they had been operating successfully on for many years.

The new website boasts a host of new features, including being responsive for mobile and tablet use, with a much cleaner, easier to navigate design.  One of the most powerful features of their new site is the ability to find the gear you want in ‘3 clicks’!  Yep – they are looking to bring an end to the needless navigation of copious amounts of menus with their snazzy ‘widget’.  We’re actually really impressed with just how easy it is to navigate, and you genuinely do get prompted with a list of relevant products in just 3 clicks!

The new site is very easy on the eye, and is actually quite a pleasure to browse.  With very clear information, large images, and pretty much all of the noise stripped away.  Oh, and its actually pretty fast too! (Bonus points for that!)

We are due to be interviewing the MD of Getgeared over the coming weeks, and will follow up on this post with some interesting insights from the owner himself as to how they developed the site, and what drove them to the design they ended up with.  We know from first hand experience, web development is never an easy task, and knowing which features to invest your time and money into can be a tricky decision making process.  For now, click here to go and take a look at the new Getgeared site, and see what you make of it!

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