HELD Akashi Helmet Review

So we recently visited Get Geared in Leeds for their open day.  It was incredibly busy, with a great atmosphere, and we have to say… Amazing chilli burgers!  It’s worth the trip just to give those bad boys a try!

On the day, a particular helmet deal caught our eye….. The Held Akashi Helmet.  It’s a full face, ABS shell lid, complete with venting on the forehead and chin, and a quick release buckle chin strap!  It meets the ECE 22.05 certification, and is therefore legal for use across Europe.  This lid is available in a 4 different graphic colours in a modern yet not overbearing design, and 2 plain colours.  The selection of colours available mean that there is an Akashi to suit most tastes.  The HELD Akashi helmet usually retails at £79.99,  However, at the time of writing this article Get Geared have an awesome offer on, taking the lid down to just £44.99!

The lid is comfortable right from the minute you put it on, the weight is pretty standard, it isn’t particularly noticeable as either being light or heavy.  The helmet feels well made, with a solid feeling ratchet system on the visor, and a secure chin buckle.  We were expecting this lid to be quite loud on the road, but to be honest, it’s not bad at all. We’d say its along the same lines as what you get from a typical Caberg lid.  So don’t be expecting ‘Shoei’ quietness, but neither should you be expecting a ‘Lidl’ racket…

For less than £50, you’ll be impressed with the quality of lid you’re getting.  This lid is so far ahead in terms of build quality compared with other lids at comparable prices.  We’d recommend them to anyone, and would encourage you to benefit from this amazing offer, even if its just to have a spare ‘just in case’ lid.

You can check out the HELD Akashi Helmet here, or you can use our Helmet Price Comparison to browse and filter hundreds of lids by features, brand and price, and get live pricing from the top 3 online retailers instantly.

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