Here we have our HELD Cold Champ review.  From the brand which we genuinely consider to be the ‘grandfathers’ of motorcycle gloves, you’ll find it hard to find a glove that scores so highly on every consideration.

They’re extremely well made, with a goatskin palm, you retain that nice feel of the controls, but as you’d hope, you don’t compromise on warmth.  We’ve tested these gloves for about 6’000 miles in total, through rain, sleet, and even some snow (trust us, riding into snow was not planned..!)

These truly are the ‘cold champs’ of gloves.  In the single digit temperatures, you can be comfortable knowing that your hands will continue to stay just as toasty as when you left, even for the most demanding of rides. In the sub zero temperatures, as with most gloves, the cold does tend to win the battle eventually, albeit you’ll still be able to ride without your fingers going numb for a good couple of hours.

You wouldn’t want to wear these gloves in temperatures above 10 degrees, they are a tad too warm for that, and you’ll probably find that your hands end up overheating.

Gore-Tex ensures that these gloves are truly waterproof, not once have we experienced the slightest leak, and the days of having to dry out our gloves for days at a time are long gone!  The rain doesn’t get absorbed by the outer material at all.

There are a couple of ‘nice to have’ features of this glove that we love and they are;

  1. The generous cuff which ensures that you get the perfect seal between the wrist and your jacket.  With the additional velcro wrist fastening they feel securely attached to your hand.
  2. There is a fairly large reflective panel across a section of the hard knuckle armour, we say panel, its more of a permanent coating, it really is effective.  To cars behind you, at night, they genuinely light up almost like LED’s.  It really does make you noticeably more visible to other road users on your tail.  You have to see it to really appreciate it, but we’ve not seen another glove that offers this kind of visibility enhancement before.

Overall, we’re really pleased with these gloves, and they still have plenty of life left in them.  We’re heading into our third winter of using these now, and what prompted the Held Cold Champ review was being reminded of their absolute excellence the minute we put them back onto our hands!

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