Held Cosmo II Review

Here we have our HELD Cosmo II Jacket review.  Once again, HELD have amazed us, delivering a perfect combination of style, comfort and safety! The HELD Cosmo II might just be the perfect leather motorcycle jacket, looking just as good off the bike as on it.

The Cosmo II is a motorcycle jacket that you can throw on for just about any ride, short of serious racing, dirt riding or enduro. You can imagine this being worn by a sports rider, a tourer, or even a cruiser rider, and in no case would it look strange… Now that is quite an achievement in our opinion!

It’s ideal for hot ride-outs and Continental touring. With its revolutionary TFL COOL leather, it reflects solar rays reducing the leathers surface temperature by up to 20C!  That means that you stay significantly cooler than you would in a conventional leather jacket.  Now whilst it’s easy to pass that off as a potential gimmick, we can vouch for this, it REALLY does work! It’s quite incredible to experience.  It’s most notable when you’re out for a ride with friends on a hot day, you’ll be wondering why they’re all making such a fuss over the heat!

The Leather itself, well, we’ve never felt anything quite so soft, supple, and comfortable, whilst also feeling substantial and protective, it truly is an ingenious jacket that just feels amazing to wear.  As you’ll all know, the fit of jacket, pretty much makes it or breaks it, and we have to say, the Cosmo II hands down wins top prize for comfort!  The jacket has the adjustments you’d expect at the waist, as well as accordion stretch panels at the back of the arms, ensuring that the riding position feels as natural as the relaxed position.

The Jacket has a removable thermal liner, meaning it’s use can be stretched across Spring-Autumn without too much issue.   In the summer, you can pull out the thermal liner, and you have air vents on the arms, as well as chest pockets, which also can also be used as vents.  On the back of the jacket there are 2 large exhaust vents, helping you to get a real decent airflow going through the jacket.

There are some nice little details to the Cosmo II which just make it feel like a real premium product.  There are detailed areas which almost feel like suede, these can be found along the arms and around the cuffs, it just adds to the quality and premium feel.  The neck is fastened by magnet, which means no need to mess around with irritating poppers whilst you have your gloves on!  The cuffs are just the right size, with a zipper allowing you to open them up if needed.  We know that this often causes debate, but we are firmly in the ‘gloves under’ camp, if like us, you prefer your sleeves to come over your gloves, you’ll find that its easy to achieve, and there is no fumbling around trying to sort out the sleeve with the other hand already gloved.

The jacket has a connecting zip, allowing you to zip into HELD trousers such as the matching HELD Avollo II trousers.

It comes with Ce-Certified armour at the elbows and shoulders, and the back can be upgraded for relatively little cost, making it as practical as it is handsome.

So, there you have it, that is our HELD Cosmo II Jacket Review.  If you’re looking for a stylish, practical, and all round fantastic jacket for this year, we’d definitely recommend the Cosmo II!

Update to the HELD Cosmo II Jacket Review: The Cosmo II has just been discontinued, and has been replaced by the upgraded Cosmo III.  Whilst we can’t vouch for the Cosmo III, if it builds on the success of the II, we think it will be a pretty awesome jacket too!

Getgeared seem to have a full stock of the discontinued Cosmo II at the moment, AND its on offer!  Down from the usual £395.99 to just £249.99!  A saving of £146!!

Our recommendation – Once you’ve read our HELD Cosmo II Jacket Review get in there quick whilst they’re still available at the fantastic clearance price!

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