HELD’s Nevada Cruiser Boots left a positive impression on us when we first saw them back in 2010, so we had high expectations when a pair of HELD Nevada II Cruiser boots crept into our gear bag.  For the last six months, we’ve put the Nevada II to the test, from flogging around town, to riding the length of the M1, and even going for a cruise across the Dales.  They’ve been worn in summer heat, autumn rainstorms, and winter cold. Here’s what we discovered.

The HELD Nevada II have an internal zip fastening to make getting them on and off a breeze, and have Velcro adjustments at the calves to ensure a perfect fit.  When we say perfect fit, boy do we mean perfect!  These are without doubt, unequivocally, the most comfortable boots (motorcycle or otherwise) that we have EVER worn!  There is none of that ‘breaking in’ nonsense.  The soft, yet supportive leather, literally hugs your foot like a well trained slipper!  There is no exaggeration when we say you will not want to take these beauties off!  This supreme level of comfort makes riding in them an absolute pleasure, but unlike any other boot in this style that we’ve come across, you can also be in complete comfort when jumping off the bike and going for a walk around town.

In terms of the look, they capture that cruiser look perfectly, whilst adding some very attractive unique flair.  On the outside of the ankle you have a very attractive buckle, unlike what you would usually see – we really like this unique touch, it gives the cruiser look a much more stylish and modern twist.  There is also an Emblem type HELD badge at the front of the boot, again, it’s succinct and blends right in with the overall look of the boot.  The almost Matte look leather also drags the traditional cruiser look right into the future.  As an overall package, HELD have got it bang on the money in terms of both look and feel!

The HELD Nevada II boots have kept our feet dry in rain storms, warm in cold, and comfortable in hot weather. The HydroGuard membrane simply works. It does double duty, allowing your feet to breathe on 30 degree days during the summer while keeping rain out when you get caught out in a storm, a recurring theme in today’s weather patterns!  Even though the HydroGuard membrane is fully breathable, the boots still prove to be plenty warm during chilly winter rides.  There is also an Anti-Slip sole provides plenty of grip, be it on pegs or road surfaces.

After six months of use, they exhibit little signs of wear. Once again, HELD impresses us with a boot that’s built well, offers solid protection thanks to reinforcements in the right areas, is waterproof yet allows a rider’s foot to breathe, and achieves all of that whilst making the most comfortable boot we’ve ever worn!  At £149.99, they’re an absolute steal. Quality generally comes at a price, HELD have just smashed that misconception out of the water!

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