Held Twin Glove Review

You may recall, that we recently published HELD Aerosec Jacket review.   HELD have also developed some gloves that work on the same 2 chamber principle.  One of those gloves is the HELD Twin GoreTex Glove.  As we were so impressed with the Aerosec, we thought we’d bring you the HELD Twin Glove review.

The Twin is part of the Held Quattrotempi range, which means it’s a true 4 season glove that will see you through most terrains that you throw at them!  The Held Twin gloves have 2 chambers and have Goretex throughout the entire shell.  This is a combination, which as far as we’re aware is unmatched by any other brand.

About the Glove

In the top chamber – you have thinsulate, this does a fantastic job in the coldest times of year, you’re fully insulated, top and palm of the hand.  In the bottom chamber – you get a much better feel for the road, you get that tactile response that you really want from a glove. All of the insulation is now at the top of the hand, and you have completely eliminated insulation on the palm.

This really is what we would class to be a hardcore adventure touring glove.  You have a full gauntlett which feels secure, and reassuring.

This glove really has a lot going on, on the back of hand you have cowhide and goatskin.  Along with Stretch textile and stretch panels.  You have thermoformed knuckle protection which is nicely seated in the Leather.  This gives a really clean modern look.

On the Fingers, you have your visor wiper, which HELD seem to religiously integrate into their gloves (thank you!).  On the middle and outer fingers, you have coated TPU’S, beefing up the protection on the area that is most likely to need it in that common impact area.

On the thumb, you have 2 points of elasticated panels – which really does make this glove very comfortable to use in the gripped position.

The goat skin palm is double reinforced.  On the ball of the hand they are using Schoeller Ceraspace – it’s pretty similar to superfabric – but feels a lot less scratchy. Ceraspace uses a ceramic coating on the fibres of the material. This gives it additional abrasion resistance and allows the fabric to slide if you were to come off and land on your hands.

Wrist adjuster – it seems a little odd as its seated on the side of the wrist, as opposed to the top or bottom, but this is just preference, it doesn’t detract from the performance or comfort.  The gauntlet has a single cuff, with a nice big pull tab which makes it easy to get the 2nd glove on when you already have one hand gloved!


When we set out to do the HELD Twin Gloves Review we were a little sceptical about the “4 season” claim.  It’s quite a claim to make, which many brands have tried and failed to conquer.  Upon use, we have to say, Held have done it!  We’re not going to pretend that there aren’t cooler gloves that you can buy for high summer riding, but the Twin has proven that it can be comfortable to use in summer heat, something that is quite an achievement for a glove that can also genuinely claim to be a winter glove.  So overall, we’re pleased to confirm that this glove can be worn throughout terrains and seasons, and can cope equally well at keeping the user comfortable and protected in all of the various conditions.  This is a true all rounder, thats got that Held quality feel.  Without sounding too corny, they fit like a glove! 🙂

The Held Twin are available to purchase from 2 of our recommended retail partners:

Held Twin Glove Review Held Twin Glove Review

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