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As anyone who follows the world of MotoGP with any degree of interest will know one of the many dramas to come from last season was the let down in a few races by Jorge Lorenzo’s Then chosen brand of HJC. The biggest being possibly the liner coming loose and the fogging issues. This aside, Jorge finished out the season with HJC.


That said, as a fan I still wanted the RPHA 10+ replica of last season’s Helmet. Having opted to buy the version with the now ubiquitous “Spartan” logo, it was now time to source it. This is a helmet that still goes at well above £299 retail, even after the reigning champion’s move to Shark for the present, and foreseeable future.


Being an existing HJC owner I decided on this one and not the shark as I preferred the graphic design on this one. In the box it come with a rather nice cardboard sleeve with the MotoGP rider printed on it with a separate user manual Brochure fitted. Inside, it’s supplied with a second, tinted visor and comes inside a black felt helmet bag. One other difference of not is the more aggressive styling and shape, after all it is a race bred model.

First impressions of the helmet were very positive as the weight is quite a bit less than my IS17 Armada Helmet, (1.3KG as opposed to the 1.55KG of the Armada) is very noticeable when holding the helmet. The main reason for this being the composite materials used in the Rpha10+ construction. According to the official website is a “Composite of carbon fiber, fiberglass epoxy, Aramid epoxy, and organic fibers”.

The shell size is also notably smaller. The liner of the helmet is embossed with the “JL” brand logo along with the four stars representing one of each title won up to that point buy Lorenzo.


One outstanding feature on the helmet is the ventilation. Each of the helmet’s vents can be manipulated individually to suit the rider’s needs. If you remove the liner you can clearly see the air channels present on the inner construction. The liner, if we go with the official description, is;


SilverCoolPlus™ interior: Removable, washable interior. Premium soft interior with Ginkgo Extract, moisture-wicking and odor free with advanced silver anti-bacterial fabric.


What that means to you and I is the thing is removable, washable and shouldn’t gas you if you sweat a little inside the helmet. One major disappointment though is for those of us who need to wear our glasses whilst riding. This is not a suitable liner for this even though some of the websites selling this helmet state that it is. I wear Oakley eyeglasses and even with the straight legs, wearing them is still and incredibly uncomfortable proposition. So contacts it is for me at least.


In regards to the visor, HJC have yet again made swapping the visor over incredibly easy to do with their proprietary “Rapidfire II” quick release system. Staying with the visor you have the option of the clear unit fitted out of the box or as mentioned earlier, the tinted version you get inside the box. The front of the visor also integrates a lock which must be pressed firmly into place to secure when closed. To release, it’s a simple matter of pinching the lock with two fingers to trigger the spring loaded release. Both visors are pinlock ready with everything you need in the box, however, you only get one clear insert as part of the package. On a side note, I also wanted the sponsorship logos for both visors so sourced these and some race tear offs separately to complete the look I wanted.


As a closing note, I was far from disappointed with my purchase. All in all, a solid 4 stars out of five from myself as an end user, the whole single star they dropped is on not provisioning properly for the use of eyeglasses as they did their lower end helmets. That may sound a little harsh, but after handing over £300+ on a helmet and shipping I wanted it to be just right. Whilst I may be guilty of not researching that aspect correctly before my purchase, manufacturers need to realise we bikers come in all shapes and sizes and a lot of us may wear glasses.


Though to sign off, would I buy the same helmet again given the choice? Absolutely.


Overall Rating

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