As is customary these days, the UK seems about the last to find out about this dangerous recall. A Stop sale has been issued across the USA, and Australia, but there is yet to be any news of this to hit our shores.

We are fairly certain that the recall and stop sale notice will reach the UK over the coming weeks.

The problem that has prompted this is that if the motorcycle is used continuously at high speed, the heat generated may cause the clutch basket to break.

If the clutch basket breaks, the broken pieces may become lodged between the gears in the transmission, causing it to lock up suddenly. This may cause the rear wheel to lock up and the motorcycle to lose stability. If the motorcycle loses stability, the rider may be thrown from the motorcycle, resulting in death or serious injury.

The affected VIN range so far announced is JH2ME12U3JK000001 to JH2ME12U3JK000810 and the bikes were available for sale between 17 October 2017 – 22 June 2018.

If you believe that you’re bike may be affected, we’d advise that you contact your local Honda dealer for further information/clarification on the situation within the UK.

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