Honda GL1800 Airbag Recall

The first, and so far, the only airbag equipped motorcycle has been recalled by Honda, it is of course the Goldwing.  The DVSA has announced an urgent Honda GL1800 Airbag Recall.  In the event that the airbag is activated, excessive internal pressure may cause the inflator body to rupture and metal fragments may pass through the cushion material causing injury to the rider and / or in worst cases a fatality.

The fault is confined to models built between August 2006 – August 2008, affecting 467 bikes registered on UK roads.  A recall has also been issued for the same reason in the US, affecting 2,701 bikes across the pond.

Honda have agreed to install a new air bag module into affected machines.  Unfortunately the parts required for the repair are not readily available yet.  Due to the seriousness of this Honda GL1800 Airbag Recall, they are offering an interim fix until parts are available.  You can simply take your motorcycle to an authorised Honda dealer and they will have the airbag system temporarily disabled to ensure the continued safe operation of your motorcycle until they can fix it.

VIN numbers affected:
1HFSC47N57A6000001 to 1HFSC47N77A602056
1HFSC47P37A600001 to 1HFSC47P97A600780
1HFSC47P68A700031 to 1HFSC47PX8A701120
1HFSC47NX8A700001 to 1HFSC47NX8A701780
1HFSC47N57A600497 to 1HFSC47N87A601546
1HFSC47N18A700131 to 1HFSC47N58A701640

The DVSA are contacting affecting riders, however if you are concerned that you may be affected you are encouraged to contact your local Honda dealer as a matter of urgency.  This recall is being tracked under reference: RM/2016/029

Please share this story to ensure that affected riders find out as quickly as possible.

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