The DVSA announced a Honda Recall last week affecting 408 bikes on UK roads.  The model in question is the CBR300.  Affected bikes are liable to stall, and fail to restart.  This is due to the crankshafts having been machined improperly.  This allows for sulphur found in the engine oil and traces of coolant to combine and generate hydrogen sulphide.  Its this corrosive combination which is causing the concern.  This chemical is strong enough for the silver plating of the connecting rod bearing retainer to eventually corrode, allowing the bearings to turn and causing the engine to stop.

Honda have agreed to recall all 408 machines that are likely to be affected and replace the crankshaft assembly with new countermeasure part.

Affected machines were built between 23/05/2014 and 02/04/2016.  Affected owners are being contacted directly, however if you have any concerns we recommend that you contact your local Honda dealer directly.  Honda are tracking this recall under reference ‘3HY’.

Interestingly, Honda recalled all CBR300R’s and CB300F’s in the US back in August 2016 to fix this very issue.  In the US, the recall affected over 14,000 bikes.  We’re unsure of why it took an extra 5 months to notify UK owners, but we sincerely hope that for more dangerous recalls, the country to country communication is sped up somewhat!

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