Welcome to the first of our 12 post mini series of ‘BrandAware’.  We’ve teamed up with LDMotorcycles to bring exposure to some of the new brands which they’re importing into the UK. It could be a simple highlight of an innovative new product/brand that we’re excited about (like this one), or it could be a road test review featuring one of the newest brands to land in the UK.  Either way, it’s designed to introduce you to a new brand or innovative product that you wouldn’t otherwise know about, and hopefully get you some decent kit that doesn’t come with the big brand price surcharge!

Our friends at LDMotorcycles have gone and done it again.  They are exclusively introducing the UK to a new reputable European brand! 

The latest brand to be brought to our shores is Brubeck.  Brubeck is a Polish performance base layer company which have experienced great success throughout Europe! They specialise in keeping bikers warm, and  if anyone knows what super chilled riding feels like, its them!  Poland experiences some of the harshest winters, making the country a unique testing ground to ensure the product delivers the amount of warmth and comfort required.

Brubecks Thermo range utilise one of the most interesting materials we have come across in a long time!  It is a unique NILIT INNERGY Polyamide yarn.  Now the thing that makes this material incredibly unusual is that it has built in ‘Far Infrared Ray’ properties.  What that means is that it soaks up the thermal energy of the body, converts that energy into Far Infrared Rays and then reflects it back into the body, giving you a deep, gentle, warming sensation.  This is made possible by the natural mineral additive that is added to the yarn.  This product is technically ingenious, but what makes this the perfect base layer material is that the material is actually a microfiber, which means it has a soft feel and is easy to care for.  As an added bonus, it has anti-bacterial properties too, meaning that you can get extended use between washes!

Many of you will have experienced using FIR (Infrared) to sooth aching muscles, these base layers do exactly that, utilising nothing but the energy of your body.  A common complaint of motorcyclists that are travelling long journeys (typically touring) is the aches and pains caused from long distance riding.  Imagine how much more relaxing your next tour will be when you have these base layers, not only keeping you warm, but looking after your muscles along the way!

Not only have Brubeck used a fantastic material, but they have even designed their base layers with a seamless construction.  This aids comfort by helping to avoid the chafing that come with some base layers that have risen seams.

Now, you are probably expecting all of this to come with a fairly hefty price tag (we were!), so you’ll be pleased to know that the tops are available for a very reasonable £36.99 and the Leggings from £25.49!

As you can probably tell, we are super excited about this new and innovative product range, and we genuinely believe that Brubeck will shake up what has traditionally been a fairly dull category.  We see no reason that they will not become market leaders in the UK in a very short period of time.

To learn more, and take a look at Brubecks Thermo range, head over to our friends at LDMotorcycles!

View the Brubeck Thermo Range

Head over to our friends at LDMotorcycles and check out the Brubeck Thermo Range now.  LDMotorcycles pride themselves on providing a personal service, and their knowledgable team are more than happy to answer any queries that you have.

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