Try as we might, and we really have tried, we cannot manage to ride in thick, clumsy, road gloves that offer no feeling. As you know, the handlebars should be providing a strong feeling of what on earth the front wheel is doing, but with gloves that are too thick, you can’t help but feel that you are too far from the action.

This is why we have always insisted on riding in thin racing gloves in conditions which were clearly too cold and too wet to possibly be classed as sensible.

Then we were introduced to the Knox Covert glove and our lives changed forever…

Like many Knox products, the Covert glove is a sophisticated piece of kit. It is made from 25% goat leather, 70% cow skin and 5% nylon. Bonded to the inside of the glove is the Outdry® patented waterproof membrane. Outdry® is a really clever waterproof membrane that is bonded to the outer layer of the glove. This means that water is stopped in its tracks right from the outside, rather than once it has already soaked through the outer layer. There is also the added benefit of not having to faff around with the membrane floating around the inside of the glove. We’re sure you’ve experienced the lining coming loose in a pair of gloves and spent far too long fumbling around to get them back on. With the Outdry® membrane, this is a problem of the past.

The palm is curved, although not so much as a full-on race glove, and there is the Knox scaphoid protection. These super hard, and very slippery, little pads on the inside of the glove palm really do work. There is more protection on the knuckles but Knox have subtly hidden this beneath a layer of goatskin so that one doesn’t look like a wannabe racer arriving at the café for a coffee. Only a really astute observer would know that there is a covert race glove hiding under the touring appearance.

There are anti-slip areas on the palms and on the insides of the first two fingertips – the ones most likely to be used for braking and clutch control. Once more, these little detail touches increase the feel to the ‘bars and so to the tires. Knowing what the tires are doing is the golden key to riding safely.

Continuing with the touring theme, the glove is closed via a zip rather than the high-profile Knox Boa system which does work very well but is excessively complex for a road glove.

The Covert has an opening which is amply wide enough to allow a riding jacket beneath it or it can be fully closed and the cuff worn externally if you prefer.

A final level of adjustment can be achieved from the conventional Velcro strip which spans the inside of the wrist at its junction with the hand.Knox-Covert-Glove-2Overall, the glove oozes quality with little embroidered tags and micro badges showing that someone at Knox really cares about the product. Embroidery and badges don’t improve the quality of the glove but they do show passion – and we really like this.

So how do the gloves work in practice? First, the Covert gloves are a compromise, so don’t expect the intense, membrane thin feel of a race glove. Equally, the feel through the ‘bars will let you know what is happening in a way which no conventional touring glove ever does.

They are windproof – but by spring/summer riding terms. Riding in English Spring/Summer temperatures, they will be perfect.

And Finally the Outdry® membrane is made using a special lamination process, ensuring that there is not a single gap for the smallest water droplet to ingress. You can be confident that your hands will remain dry, and that even the outer will remain dry! No more need to put your gloves on the radiator when you get home! 🙂

RRP – £99.99

Cold test: 9/10

Waterproof test: 10/10

Feel test: 9/10

Total: 28/30

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