LDM Street-R Gloves Review

We were lucky enough to get our hands on a pair of the LDM Street-R Gloves.  We’ll be honest, when we first heard about these gloves, at £42.99, we were sceptical to say the least.  How much protection/comfort/style can you really expect for such a keen price.  What better way to answer that question than to put them to the test and deliver the first LDM Street-R Gloves Review!

So, the LDM Street-R gloves turned up at our door, and in a combination of excitement and curiosity we frantically opened up the packaging to take a look!  The first thing we noticed was the supple feel of the Leather, they are actually made with really decent quality leather, not the cheap stuff that you would expect on a pair of gloves in this price range.  Second, was the comfort features that were present, things that we really thought we’d be sacrificing.  On a glove with hard knuckle armour the biggest issue you tend to find in terms of comfort is that they tend to dig in at the wrong places.  However, the knuckle armour on these is cleverly placed on a separate section of Leather, over the knuckles, making this almost float above the knuckle.  A lot of the expensive big brand gloves have started incorporating this technology, and the LDM Street-R delivers it flawlessly.

On the palm you have a Nubuck layer on the palm, this ensures that you get a decent grip, and adds to the abrasion resistance in the event of a slide.

You have Stretch accordion panels on index, and middle finger, ensuring that the glove is comfortable in the ‘gripped’ position.  TPU impact protection in various points across the fingers, thumb, and common impact point at the ball of the thumb.   You also have rubber panels throughout the glove around the common impact areas, this will clearly help reduce injury caused by impact in the event of an off.

We were also impressed by the cuff system.  They are very slightly elasticated around the wrist, meaning you get a bit more of a seal around the wrist.  You’ve got your usual velcro wrist strap, but its backed up by a dual fastening velcro cuff.  The cuff itself has 3 rubberised impact protection areas in the more accident prone areas of the wrist.

The inside of the glove is quite neatly designed.  You have a very comfortable liner on the back of the hand, which adds to the overall comfort of the glove, it helps with keeping the hand slightly insulated.  You have a different material lining the palm of the hand.  It’s very thin, ensuring that you still have that ‘race glove’ feel of the controls.  The thing that we really like about the liner is that it feels almost laminated to the inside of the glove.  Again, a common issue in the cheaper gloves available tend to have only partially fitted liners.  I’m sure most of you have experienced pulling the liner out of your glove when you pull your hand out.  The construction of this glove means you won’t experience that.

So we’re now at the point of trying this glove on.  Being usually a size 9/Large, we went for a Large on the LDM Street-R Gloves.  They are spot on.  Even when it comes to finger length which as you’ll know is a common sizing fail when it comes to gloves.  Without exaggeration, you slip your hand in, and they instantly feel supportive in the right areas, and comfortable across the entire hand and fingers.  There were no digging or tight areas, and the glove felt consistent in its sizing from fingertip to cuff.

Now, we’ve road tested these for just north of 500 miles.  They actually get even more comfortable as you ride, they seem to ‘learn’ the shape of your hand pretty quickly.  ‘Breaking in’ was completed at I would say around 60 miles.  At this point, the fingers had moulded nicely, and gripped more freely.  During that interim period, the gloves did feel like they were fighting back from the gripped position a bit, but from 60+ miles they were perfectly comfortable.  In our experience this is to be expected from most gloves.  It’s only really when you get into the much bigger price ranges that you get things like “pre-curved” fingers.  To be honest though, with this being the only feature that this glove is noticeably missing (and easily rectified through use), at £42.99, these are an absolute bargain!

We were travelling at motorway speed for the majority of the 500 miles, through English weather of 18 degrees, so we can vouch for them in terms of warmth.  They seem to deliver a decent balance of wind resistance, insulation on the back of the hand, and coolness.  Our hands didn’t particularly feel hot or cold for the majority of the journey.  For parts it was very slightly cold around the fingers, but that was after 50-60 mile stints where a break was about due in any case.

So there you have it, the LDM Street-R Gloves review, we were pleasantly surprised, and impressed by them, so much infact, that we have issued them with the first ever BikeandRider Product Award.  These gloves officially have the “Great Value” BikeandRider badge! Overall, we’d say these have an impressive build quality, with decent materials being used, and nice comfort features.  We’re astounded at the value that these gloves offer, and think that they would suit most road riders.  The black are understated enough to get away with being used on a variety of motorcycle types, with the white delivering that more aggressive sporty look.

These LDM Street-R Gloves are available to buy from the company behind the design LD Motorcycles at the (once again) outstanding value price of £42.99.

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Test Results

Comfort 90 points
Design 90 points
Performance 80 points
Value 100 points

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