Moto Guzzi Recall 272 UK Motorcycles

Moto Guzzi Recall

Moto Guzzi have announced a recall of 272 bikes that are registered on UK roads. There is a possibility of interference and fretting between the ABS brake pipes and the secondary air system connection. Over a period of time that could, in the most extreme cases, lead to loss of braking capability.

Moto Guzzi have agreed to recall the machines that are likely to be affected and check the fitment of the ABS brake pipes in relation to the secondary air system connection. Where necessary they will fit a modified mount.

The affected VINs are ZGULD0000HM000129 to ZGULDE00XHM000202, which are motorbikes built between 01/12/2016 and 26/04/2017.

Moto Guzzi will be contacted affected owners directly.  If you are concerned that you may be affected but have not heard anything, you are advised to contact your local Moto Guzzi dealer.  The MotoGuzzi V9 recall aswell as the V7 recall are being tracked by Moto Guzzi under reference PGJZZQ1701V9.

Do you own a V7 or V9?  Has your bike been recalled?  Get in touch and let us know!


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