If you ask a motorcyclist what they class as mandatory when riding, the main and obvious answer you’ll hear is their lid!  But did you know that there is also an App which we feel is also an essential but of your biking kit.  Have you ever considered what would happen if you had an off, whilst alone, at night, down a country lane?  Who would call the emergency services? How long would it take someone to find you?  In the event of a serious injury, minimising those ‘wait times’ can be crucial to ensure that you to live to ride another day!

The first 999 certified App in the UK to send crash detection alerts directly to emergency services, REALRIDER® is designed specifically for motorcyclists with rider’s needs at the forefront of the developers’ minds.

Having launched back in 2013, REALRIDER® has been tried and tested by bikers in their thousands, and is used and relied upon by bikers up and down the country. The new App, launching today (16th May 2016), connects you to a community of people passionate about biking, also giving you the ability to plan, store and share routes and locations, a facility to store critical bike information in one place and access to award-winning crash detection technology.

Taking on board bikers feedback from the past 3 years the App user interface has been vastly improved, making it a lot more intuitive to use. The worldwide route recording has been completely rewritten and having undergone extensive testing from real riders throughout development, it is a huge improvement on the previous version.

Now, not only can you record your routes whilst riding, you can even plan your routes ahead of time. Check out what others are sharing and discover new routes to ride, or simply plan your rides more effectively by searching for places to refuel or stay en route. You can then save them directly to the App for future reference.

You can easily network with your biker mates within the App, allowing you to see, and comment on each others routes. You can even use it to share photos, videos and adventures, as well as discuss top tips and share knowledge with friends on routes, locations, events and all things bike related.

If you’re like us, one of the things you will find absolutely invaluable are the reminders.  If given the information, you can get MOT and service reminders straight from your phone’s calendar. Multiple bikes can be added to your Profile with sections for tyre pressures, receipts, insurance and breakdown policy info. The App will also post a social media alert if your bike is stolen.

What do REAL bikers think of REALRIDER®


How does REALSAFE® Technology Work?

What if I have a fall but don’t need an ambulance?

The main crash alert countdown gives a rider 120 seconds to deactivate. Failure to deactivate will then result in a call from the nearest Ambulance Service Control room. If you do not answer an ambulance will be dispatched immediately to your location.

If you are ok you can simply deactivate within 120 seconds or answer the Ambulance Control Room call. If you do not manage to do either, simply call 999 and tell the operator that the REALRIDER® App sent a crash alert, you are ok and wish to deactivate the Ambulance.

There is no comeback, no finger pointing, no associated charges and no follow-up from any unwanted or unexpected third parties.

How accurate is the location information?

Your location is derived from downstream satellite data, which can be accurate to within one metre. As part of the location data that is sent to 999 by REALRIDER®, they include the GPS vertical and horizontal margins for error which is represented as a ‘confidence level’. This determines the search zone radius and indicates how accurate the GPS data is to the location in question.

What if I stop for coffee/fuel and forget to turn off the app?

The App includes a unique system called ‘Auto Pause’ which uses GPS data to automatically pause the REALsafe® system during coffee or fuel stops. It automatically resumes when you start riding again.

Auto Pause works in the same way when you reach your final destination. These safeguards ensure REALsafe® doesn’t trigger accidentally if, for example, you drop your phone.

Reliability has been proven at 0.01% false activation rate during the past 12 months. REALsafe® must continue to operate below a two percent false positive activation rate in order to maintain 999 status.

What does the App Look like?

Take a look at the Features Video below to see the App in more detail.


How do I get the app?

REALRIDER® is free to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play. Most of the features are available free of charge. You will require a REALsafe® subscription of £2.99 p/month or £30 p/year to benefit from the REALsafe® Crash Detection Technology. These can be purchased at www.realrider.com.


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