The MCI have released the latest statistics on New Bike Registrations for March 2016.

Which type of Motorcycle is growing the most?
With Year-to-date registrations up 19.1% on last year, Custom Motorcycles have retained their position of being 2016’s fastest growing type of bike. The top selling custom motorcycle for March 2016 was the Harley-Davidson SPORTSTER N 883 with 110 new registrations recorded.

Coming in 2nd is the Adventure Sport category with a year-to-date increase in registrations of 17.3%. These bikes are similar in style to enduro motorcycles but are predominantly designed and capable for on-road use. Often they will have features similar to machines included in the Touring category e.g. fairings, luggage carrying capacity etc. The Best Seller in this category with a huge 431 registrations is the Honda CRF 1000 (AKA Africa Twin!)

Coming in a very close third are Scooter registrations, which are up 17.2%.  Honda have had remarkable success this year with their PCX 125 taking the top spot of Best Seller in the Scooter arena for the past 3 months, with a total of  235 units sold in March, and 486 sold in 2016 so far.

Which type of Motorcycle is growing the least?
There has been a sharp decline in the SuperSport category with Bike sales down 12.8% year-to-date, and 18.6% down in March. The Best Seller in this category is the Kawasaki ZX10 R NINJA.

Which engine Size are people going for?
2016 so far has shown a reduction in the number of 126cc-650cc motorcycles being registered, with sales down 3.8% Year-to-date.  It would appear that riders are upgrading to higher powered bikes, with registrations in the 651cc-1000cc range up 13.7% (YTD) on last year!

How are Motorcycle Sales in general?
Motorcycle and Scooter Registrations are up 7.6% year-on-year. This year we have seen 27,395 new bikes hit our roads, compared with 25,457 this time last year.

Interesting Fact…
Did you know that there are currently 1.2 Million Motorcycles in use in the UK, and that between us we’ve ridden 2.8 Billion Miles last year!!

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