New Oxford Subway jacket is affordable and effective

Oxford Subway 3.0

Last month, all-round British motorcycle clothing & accessories supplier Oxford stepped it up a notch and introduced the Subway 3.0 jacket, a new and improved take on the Subway 2.0 jacket from Oxford.

With a spec list that packs a punch and a price point that won’t break the bank, our team are confident that it’s a motorcycle jacket taking things to the next level.

Mega-tough, the Oxford 3.0 Subway jacket is made from durable 600 denier fabric – that’s the same quality fabric you’re likely to find on your suitcase or duffle gym bag. Combined with CE-approved protective armour on the elbows and shoulders, the Oxford Subway 3.0 jacket is ticking all the boxes and giving us peace of mind that, if anything were to happen while riding, we’d be just fine.

If you hate to ride in the rain, the waterproof membrane inside the Oxford Subway 3.0 jacket will put a smile on your face while keeping you dry – helped further by a drainage system that drains water from the surface of the jacket rather than onto your skin. Many lower priced motorcycle jackets on the market offer only a water-resistant membrane which is why Oxford’s new offering is quite the steal.

When riding in dreary England, the weather is always a concern – especially those bitterly cold mornings and nights. Thankfully, the Oxford Subway 3.0 jacket includes a thermal liner to keep you snug throughout your journey and, if you get a little warm, the strategically placed vents on both the front and back will help to keep you fresh. That’s right, Oxford’s new offering is suitable year-round.

We hate to say it, however, one feature that the Oxford Subway 3.0 jacket does lack is a back protector, although, the team over at Oxford thought about that and included a pocket for one, just in case you want to purchase it separately for around £15.99.

Comfort is key with this clever design as Oxford has gone all out and applied soft edging the cuffs and a suede-edged collar to prevent rubbing. If you’d like the complete Oxford ensemble, you can easily connect Oxford trousers to the bottom of the jacket using a nifty zip.

For all styles, the new Oxford Subway 3.0 jacket is available in multiple colour combos, including black and red, black and yellow, and a very fierce tech black.

At a retail price of just £119.99, the Oxford Subway 3.0 jacket is an impressive new addition to the Oxford range and guarantees a safe, comfortable journey year-round. Pair it with some Oxford trousers and a solid Oxford motorcycle helmet and you’ve got yourself an all-around top-quality look for your next ride.

Currently on offer at SportsBikeShop for just £69.98 – Check it out here.

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