It has been announced by Isle of Man TT bosses that a new, multi-platform video game is being released. It will be the most realistic bike racing sim to date, simulating riding 200bhp+ superbikes around the iconic mountain course.

The last game featuring the gruelling 38 mile mountain course was the TT Superbikes legends game for PS2, and that was back in 2008!

Big Ben Interactive are the company taking on the daunting challenge of virtually re-creating the TT course, just as well they have decent track record in producing top-class racing games. Big Ben Interactive have previously worked on the successful World Rally Championship titles.

A spokesperson from Big Ben Interactive said: “When you’re doing simulation titles you really want to do the best stuff out there and the TT brings feelings no other competition in the world brings, so we’re pleased to announce that we are working on a new official TT video game.”

“We’ve been working on the title for the last year but it’s a long project. We have to take the time to produce it and that means it won’t be out until 2017. The scope of this project is something we have never done before, nobody has ever done it before. It’s a full simulation game and we want it to be as close as possible to the actual TT, for instance the circuit will be a full-scale reproduction.”

Big Ben have had a few members of their development team visiting the Isle of Man to take thousands of pictures of the circuit, to aid in their virtual reproduction of the circuit.

Making the circuit as realistic as possible is only one part of the challenge, the team are very focussed on the hardest part, which is ensuring that the experience of riding in the game is as close as possible to riding the 200bhp+ bikes we see on the course today.

To help them recreate this feeling, Big Ben are getting ready to work with a leading TT rider over the next few months but they aren’t yet at a stage to announce who this could be.

No further details about the game have been released as yet, although it’s expected to be available on multiple platforms including Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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