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Product Reviews

Product Reviews

Thank you for visiting our motorcycle clothing & accessories review page. We were really fed up of seeing hugely unhelpful and pointless product reviews from our competitors that we decided to launch our own product review page. Too often we were seeing short (sometimes a couple of sentences), basic, and clearly unthought through reviews of products. We saw a gap and we’re filling it!

We’ll take products throughout proper user testing covering various weathers, speeds, and ride styles. We will then report back not only on functions, features and price, but how it stacked up against our expectations, overall quality, value for money, and our favourite and worst bits!

If there is a product that you’re considering purchasing that you’d like us to consider testing, please use the contact us form. We’re always looking for new products to try! Similarly, if you are a product owner with an opinion about it, get in touch as we’d welcome you as a ‘Community Guest Reviewer’.

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