Some say that size doesn’t matter.  When it comes to locks, it matters!  The Oxford BEAST lock is so big that it comes with a health warning on the box: WARNING – HEAVY!  The Lock alone weighs in at 3.6kg, and the chain is a WHOPPING 15.5kg!!

The Oxford Beast Lock has a HUGE 30mm locking pin.  The next biggest lock in the Oxford range has a 16mm pin and that one is approved to the 4 highest international security standards!

The BEAST lock body has the same girth as a pint glass, and is solid steel!

The 22mm hardened steel chain links weigh the equivalent to a bag of sugar… EACH!

So, yeh, it’s BIG, Really BIG!

The lock comes in at £149.99

The chain comes in 2 lengths:

1.5M is £149.99
2M is £214.99

If you’re wanting to protect your pride and joy, the Oxford Beast Lock and Chain has got to be the way to go!

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