Some say that size doesn’t matter.  When it comes to locks, it matters!  The Oxford BEAST lock is so big that it comes with a health warning on the box: WARNING – HEAVY!  The Lock alone weighs in at 3.6kg, and the chain is a WHOPPING 15.5kg!!

The Oxford Beast Lock has a HUGE 30mm locking pin.  The next biggest lock in the Oxford range has a 16mm pin and that one is approved to the 4 highest international security standards!

The Oxford BEAST lock body has the same girth as a pint glass, and is solid steel!

The 22mm hardened steel chain links weigh the equivalent to a bag of sugar… EACH!

So, yeh, it’s BIG, Really BIG!

The lock comes in at £149.99

The Beast Chain comes in 2 lengths:

1.5M is £149.99
2M is £214.99

If you’re wanting to protect your pride and joy, the Oxford Beast Lock and Chain has got to be the way to go!

There is also the Oxford Beast Ground Anchor, which comes in at £99.99.  This can fit any Oxford chain, but importantly is large enough to accommodate the Oxford Beast chain, which would likely struggle with some generic ground anchors.

Oxford Beast Lock
Oxford Beast Lock
Oxford Beast Chain

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