Polaris Is Recalling Some 2022-2023 Snowmobiles Due To Potential Fuel Leak

Polaris is recalling 2022 and 2023 model year snowmobiles that are equipped with Patriot Boost engines due to the possibility of the fuel line developing a leak between the fuel rails. Since this location can get quite hot, a fuel leak could pose a risk of both fire and serious injury. This recall is separate from another Polaris snowmobile recall published recently by the CPSC regarding a clutch issue.

According to Polaris’ records, approximately 11,190 snowmobiles globally are believed to be affected. So far, the company says it has received 17 reports of fuel leaks, but none so far have resulted in either fire or injury.

However, in the interest of safety, Polaris advises owners to immediately stop using any affected snowmobiles and contact their local authorized Polaris dealer for recall repair service. This will be provided free of charge to the customer. On the official Polaris webpage established for this specific recall, it reads in no uncertain terms, “DO NOT [sic] attempt any repairs yourself.”

What Snowmobile Models Are Included In This Recall?

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission lists the following 2022-2023 MY Polaris snowmobile models as being affected by this recall:

  • Pro RMK Slash
  • RMK Khaos Slash
  • Indy VR1
  • Switchback Assault

This recall has been jointly published by both the CPSC in the US and Transport Canada in Canada, and was published by the CPSC on March 28, 2024.

Polaris notified the CPSC of the issue in August 2023, at which time it also issued a Stop Sale, Stop Ride notice on the affected snowmobiles. In September 2023, Polaris expanded its initial recall to include MY22 machines, which then went on to be listed in the CPSC recall notice published in March 2024. 

What Owners Should Know

If you’re an owner of an affected MY 2022-2023 Polaris snowmobile with a Patriot Boost engine, the US CPSC recall campaign number for this issue is 24-741. Polaris has notified its dealer network about this issue, and has also sent a notification to all registered owners to inform them of the problem. 

Concerned owners can contact the Polaris Industries customer service hotline at 1-800-765-2747 between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Central Time Monday through Friday. Additionally, customers can email Polaris at Owner.Connections@polaris.com or communicate via this online form.

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