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As many of you will know, we have been tracking the pricing of thousands of pieces of kit for around 2 years now. Our passion and our speciality is finding you the greatest deal on your kit. One of our followers recently asked specifically about the cost of kit when buying on finance. This prompted us to add another comparison column to our product pages. We now track the ‘0% APR pay monthly prices’…

Now this is important, because it is not simply the ‘lowest pay monthly cost’, we’ve specifically decided to display the ‘lowest interest free cost’. So to you, that means it doesn’t cost you penny more than if you were paying upfront, you just have the flexibility of paying it over time. Now, this is where it actually gets really interesting…

Whilst a piece of kit may be the same price at 1, 2 or even 3 retailers, when you start looking to spread the cost, the monthly outlay deviates, and in some cases, quite considerably.

Here we’re going to focus on the ever popular Rev’it! Neptune Jacket. Now at the big 3 retailers (SportsBikeShop, GetGeared, and GhostBikes) they all advertise the exact same selling price. BUT the Interest Free Finance Options vary between each of them.. You can pay anywhere between £16.12 per month at GetGeared, all the way up to £38.70 per month at Ghostbikes, with SportsBikeShop also settling at the upper end of the scale at £32.25 per month.

Now lets be clear, whichever retailer you go with, overall you will end up spending the exact same amount of money in total, it’s just your monthly commitment which fluctuates due to the retailers offering different length interest free terms.

Now GetGeared wins here, hands down. They without doubt, offer the longest interest free finance period on Motorcycle Kit. Period. If you are looking to keep your monthly outlay low, they really are your best option. The other thing to bear in mind is that they are one of the few clothing retailers to offer a loyalty scheme. So again, in the case of the Neptune Jacket above, you’ll actually earn yourself a cool £10 voucher through their loyalty scheme.

GetGeared have launched a really nifty finance calculator on their site which allows you to use a simple slider to check what your monthly repayments would be depending on how much you spend. Check it out here.

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