No matter how many times we rewrite this review, it always comes out like a sales advert. So rather than keep screwing around, we’re just gonna spit it right out. This Bullet Diamond Brite Metal Polish is the best thing that’s happened to shine on motorcycles since the invention of chrome.

We bought ourselves a bottle of the Bullet Diamond Brite Metal Polish from GetGeared a couple of weeks ago now, and the results have been outstanding. With modest effort and only a few minutes’ work there was a dramatic improvement in the chrome on our pipes. Not only are they shining like they’ve just left the showroom, but it completely cleared up the surface oxidisation that we had going on!

The thing we found most impressive about this stuff is how little of it you have to use to get these results. We followed the manufacturer’s instructions and used a small amount the size of a 5p coin, expecting to have to then pour a nice big dollop afterwards to do the job properly. To our absolute amazement, the tiny amount used actually worked, and not only did it work, it worked bloody well! So we’re happy knowing that this bottle is going to last us a fair few months!

You can get a showroom sparkle with relatively little effort, and be happy in the knowledge that you’ll keep that sparkle for miles and miles, because the shine really does last longer than it usually does when we’ve used other leading brands.

When you consider that this stuff works not only on chrome but also aluminium, Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel & Titanium, its an absolute bargain at £15.99. Plus we even earned some brownie points with the Mrs by shining up the rings around the gas hobs on the cooker! As you can imagine, once you see the results, you start looking everywhere for metal to shine!

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