The REV’IT! Jersey and Philly jeans have got the formula of style, comfort and performance just right.

They’re made from Cordura Denim with Coolmax.  There is also an extra layer of the special REV’IT! “PWR | shield” abrasion protection.  This forms an extra layer in the seat and knees and the jeans come with Knox Lite knee protectors as standard.

Put it all together and you have a comfortable pair of slightly stretchy jeans that can actually feel more comfortable than street/fashion jeans.

The PWR | shield layer was tested to 5.9 seconds of abrasion resistance, which REV’IT! claims is better than leather and denim/aramid fabrics.

The REV’IT! SeeSoft RV01 hip protectors are a £14.99 upgrade option that some could argue should be included, considering the list price of the jeans.

Bottom line?

Both the Jersey and Philly jeans are very comfortable — albeit slightly heavy, due to the 12.5 oz. Cordura Denim.

They can easily transition from bike to work and back home…with a stop at the Pub on the way (for a Coke and a burger, of course). And no one will be any wiser.


We think REV’IT! may have hit the nail on the head with the Jersey and Philly jeans.

The REV’IT! Jersey and Philly jeans have featured in the Netherlands-based company’s ever-expanding jeans lineup since 2014.

Motorcycle jeans have come a long way in the last 10 or so years.  Way back when, “motorcycle jeans” were a pair of standard 100% cotton denim with a motorcycle logo and maybe some extra fabric in the seat or crotch. That was it.

The problem is — as is usually the case when it comes to motorcycle gear — there’s always a compromise.

The most protective motorcycle jeans can feel so uncomfortably heavy and hot that they’re really not suitable for anything you do after you get off the bike: shopping, work, office, movies, etc.

So if that’s the case, why not just wear a good pair of leathers or textiles? Good question…

The “sweet spot” is that elusive pair of motorcycle jeans that don’t look like motorcycle jeans and are as comfortable as that old pair of Levi’s, but with better protection.

We think REV’IT! may have hit the nail on the head with the Jersey and Philly jeans.

Both jeans have been designed and manufactured with minimal stitching, or panels/sections. This gives them a sleeker, “office stealth” overall look with none of the over-constructed look of typical motorcycle jeans.


Material (& a word of warning on sizing)

Remember that cotton typically shrinks 5% after the first or second washing and since both of these jeans are made from 50% cotton, you’ll have some shrinkage, so order accordingly.

Other ingredients include 30% polyester and 20% polyamide; the polyamide is the secret sauce that gives the jeans some stretch.

The lining (black areas) on the inside inside that covers the PWR | shield and faces the rider’s skin is 50% cotton and 50% polyester, while the protective layer is 100% polyamide.



Both are very comfortable and feel “broken in” right from the start. The touch of stretch fabric really helps when you’re riding.

The jeans also have relatively good air flow in the hot summer weather. Yet, the fabric is heavy or thick enough that it should help in cooler weather also.

However, all of this goodness doesn’t come cheap. These jeans have a list price of £179.99. It would be nice if the Seesoft hip protectors were included…

When all is said and done however, the combination of style, comfort and protection make them our current favorite motorcycle jeans and they look and feel like they’ll last a long time.

We’d guess the price is a tad more than what alot of bikers will be looking to pay. But look at it this way: these can replace a pair or two of your other riding trousers and they also serve double-duty, because you’ll look good once you get to work.

Available to buy from GetGeared & SportsBikeShop

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