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If you are looking for a versatile jacket that can see you through all 4 seasons, you have just found it.  This is the Rev’it Neptune Review.

This is a fairly lightweight jacket for what it is, yet it still has that substantial feel of a quality garment that you’d expect for something in this price range.

The Neptune is a 3 layer jacket, consisting of a thermal liner, a Gore-Tex waterproof liner and the outer. The obvious benefit to a 3 layer jacket is the flexibility that it gives.  We have been able to wear it as a fully fledged winter jacket, and also as a summer jacket with both liners removed.  Something we really liked about this was the fact that you get direct air ventilation onto the chest area with the liners removed – something you don’t usually get in a jacket that also converts to a winter jacket!  This is assisted by the fact that they have designed fittings to hold the vents open for maximum airflow into the front of the jacket.

As well as the ‘all liners in’ and ‘all liners out’ option, there is also a couple of  ”compromise configurations’ you can also have – Outer shell with GoreTex liner only (ie. no thermal) or Thermal Liner, with no GoreTex liner.

The jacket also has a handy stash pocket at the back which comfortably stores the liners when not in use.  Meaning you’re not going to lose them, and they don’t have to take up any valuable luggage space.

The Gore-Tex liner is actually designed so that it can be used independently of the motorcycle jacket too!  Out of pure curiosity we actually tried it out, and it does actually work quite nicely.  We can honestly report that if we needed to pop out somewhere and only had our bike jacket on us, we would genuinely slip on the ‘Paclite’ Jacket, especially on the warmer days we’ve recently had, when walking around on foot in a full blown motorcycle jacket would be bordering insane.

The jacket came with armour at the shoulders and elbows, but you do need to purchase the armour separately.  The recommended armour is the REV’IT Seesoft Level 2 Back Protector, that’s what we’ve been using and it fits the jacket perfectly.

There are some really smart little features to this jacket which really go unnoticed until you use it.  Simple things like the adjustable collar.  The popper is on a smart sliding mechanism that clicks into place.  Allowing you to adjust the collar size to your perfect fit.  This actually assists in comfort greatly, and it wasn’t until we had a perfectly fitting collar that we realised how much of an impact that has on the ease of blind spot checking!  It wasn’t until we started to really look for these neat little features for the Rev’it Neptune Review that we noticed a lot of the enhancements that we’d been comfortably taking for granted.

The Rev’it Neptune Jacket is incredibly versatile.  We could happily use this jacket throughout the year, come rain or shine.  Whilst it certainly does have a high price tag at £379.99, it will not let you down.  It will always be ready for any terrain/weather that you throw at it, this is a true workhorse of a jacket.  One of the things we’ve really enjoyed about using the Neptune is that it seems to be the Jacket that just keeps giving.  Almost daily we notice a feature that it has that we’ve not picked up on, or not had reason to use as yet, sometimes they are subtle details that just make riding more enjoyable, and it’s not until you notice the improvement that you realise something has changed.  The Rev’it Neptune is an investment in comfort and safety for the long term, and we have really enjoyed testing the product and writing the Rev’it Neptune Review.

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