Royal Enfield Recalls Nearly 237,000 Bikes For Ignition Coil Issue

On May 19, 2021, Royal Enfield announced a recall of approximately 236,966 total motorcycles. This recall encompasses across the Classic, Bullet, and Meteor lines, and is due to a possible ignition coil defect. If this defect is present on a bike, it could result in misfiring, reduced bike performance, and even a possible short circuit event.  

At this time, Enfield says this recall will only apply to bikes sold in India, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Thailand. Affected bikes were both produced and sold between January and April, 2021.  

“Royal Enfield has discovered a defect in one of the parts used across some of the motorcycle models that we manufacture and sell. The defect is in the ignition coil that can cause misfiring, reduced vehicle performance and in rare cases, an electric short circuit,” Enfield said in a statement. 

“The defect was discovered during routine internal testing and the issue has been clearly identified and isolated to specific batches of material sourced from our external supplier between December 2020 and April 2021,” Enfield continued.  

Furthermore, Enfield says it will reach out to customers who may be affected, according to their registered VIN contact information. It did not give a specific timeframe for this contact. If you’re a concerned Royal Enfield owner, you should reach out to your local authorized Royal Enfield dealer to find out more information.  

If you have a bike that may be affected by this recall, Royal Enfield will inspect and, if necessary, replace the faulty part. Furthermore, Enfield says that not all bikes manufactured during this time period will have this defect. The company estimates that less than 10 percent of these recalled bikes will require a part replacement, but it will replace those parts as necessary based upon the results of recalled vehicle inspections by its authorized dealers.  

Article by Janaki Jitchotvisut

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