High levels of concentration are necessary when riding a motorcycle. Whether that’s on the racetrack or on the road. From arguably the leader in advanced helmet technology comes a new version of the beloved Schuberth SR1. Here we have the Schuberth SR2 review. The new Schuberth SR2 Motorcycle Helmet offers its rider everything required to be more concentrated, more relaxed and therefore safer on the road.

Developed using Schuberth’s in-house wind tunnel testing facility, the SR2 has a completely redesigned shell shape in 3 sizes (up from 2 in the SR1), and an improved spoiler to maximize stability at speed. Schuberth have been bold enough to claim ‘No Lift’ and ‘No Buffeting’ with the SR2 – but then when you’ve spent millions on your own wind tunnel, you probably wouldn’t expect anything less!

The new visor of the Schuberth SR2 is a 2D racing visor, just like in Formula 1. It has been improved for the use of tear offs, and as you’d expect is anti-fog as standard. This is an optical class 1 visor (the highest possible quality level), offering superior clarity for the rider. Besides the clear visor, five further tints are available; Light smoke, Dark smoke, Blue mirrored, Iridium mirrored, and Silver mirrored.

The new venting system is capable of moving 10 liters of air through the chin vent alone.

Due to its simplicity, reliability and safety, the double D-lock is the lock used and stipulated in racing, it therefore comes as standard on the Schuberth SR2.

Built for the racers and track rats of the world, the SR2 is expected to deliver unrivaled performance during extreme riding conditions when it hits the market in May 2016.

The weight is 1,295 grams, that’s among the lightest in its class.

The Schuberth SR2 is available in sizes from XS to XXL (52cm-63cm), and comes in seven different “decors”.

Price : £499.99 for Plain
£549.99 for Graphics

Available to buy from two of our preferred partners Sportsbikeshop and GetGeared

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