The Latest SHARP Test has been completed and the subject at hand was the Scorpion Exo 3000.  (For those of you that are wondering what on earth a SHARP test is, read on…. For the rest of you, skip the next paragraph.)

With the vast range of motorcycle helmets now available, SHARP tests were introduced to make the process of choosing a helmet that much easier.  SHARP is the only assessment of helmet performance that results in a safety rating.  Most people don’t realise that there are huge variations in the level of impact protection that helmets on sale in the UK provide.  A 5-star SHARP rated helmet offers excellent levels of protection right around the helmet. That’s not to say a lower rated helmet won’t protect you. Regardless of its SHARP rating, every helmet on sale in the UK must meet at least one regulatory standard, ensuring it offers at least a minimum level of protection.

Flip helmets generally score at a lower level than their full face helmet counterparts.  This is predominantly due to the modular structure that they have to be manufactured in.  The lack of a single outer structure means they are naturally less resistant to impact before you even begin to consider materials etc.  The average SHARP rating for a flip helmet tends to be around 3 Stars.  Infact, at the time of writing, only 4 flip helmets have obtained a 5 star SHARP rating.  3 from the Caberg helmet brand, and 1 from the Shark helmet brand.

The Scorpion EXO 3000 Sharp Test result came in at a respectable (for a flip) 3 Stars!  That puts it on an equal footing to the now discontinued Shoei Multitec (£420).  So you can be confident in knowing that you can achieve the exact same level of impact protection at a much less painful £249.99 with Scorpion!

Now, the SHARP test only covers impact protection, so what about comfort and fit?  Well… That’s where the Scorpion EXO 3000 really comes out on top!  The ‘official’ name of the EXO 3000 actually has the word “AIR” appended to it.  That is because it has a very clever built in pump system that allows you to ‘pump’ a button to inflate small air pockets behind the cheek pads, and the neck.  This allows you to ensure that you have a perfectly snug fitting helmet that offers you that strong feeling of support and safety in just the right measure.  This improves safety for the rider, and makes riding that little bit more comfortable.  We don’t know about you, but we certainly find that the only thing more irritating than a poorly padded seat, is  a helmet that doesn’t quite fit right!

The bonus benefit of the AIR technology is that it ensures that you obtain consistently good noise insulation!  The word ‘consistently’ is an important one.  As you have probably noticed,  over time helmet cheek pads compact and your helmet fits more loosely as time goes on.  This detracts from the safety of the helmet, as well as making the inside of the lid a lot louder during higher speed riding.  Eventually you either replace your lid, or if you are able to, you replace the cheek pads.   With the AIR system, you can make these minor adjustments to the amount of air over time, allowing you to compensate for the compressing of the cheek and neck pads.  This means that you continue to experience a perfect fit, and don’t lose out on that oh so important noise insulation!

When you combine the amazing innovation of the AIR system with a Pinlock MAXVISION visor, and a retractable internal sun visor – you really are getting a lot of bang for your buck!  In case you hadn’t noticed already, here at Bike&Rider, we are really rating this helmet, and if you ask us it deserves 5/5 when comparing the overall package!

The Scorpion EXO 3000 is available to purchase at our 3 retail partners, GetGeared, SportsBikeShop and Amazon.

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