vstrom recall

There has been a DL250 V-Strom Recall issued by Suzuki.  The reason for the recall is due to a concern over the bosses in the top case plate not being strong enough to hold, they could therefore cause the securing plate to break, potentially sending the top box hurtling down the street.

Whilst not really a bike issue, you can imagine the potential damage that this could cause if it happened whilst the bike was in use. The top box launching itself down the M1 whilst you’re doing 70 could have disastrous consequences.

As a precaution, Suzuki have recalled the bikes and are replacing the top box plate free of charge.

Suzuki are tracking this recall under the reference R18/07 and will be contacting owners directly.  If you think that you may be affected but have not heard anything, we’d urge you to contact your local Suzuki Dealer.

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