Adventure bikes

Adventure bikes are not just for touring, although they are really good at it. 

Whether you’re looking for something that can take you around the world, or just get a week’s worth of shopping home from the supermarket, let’s take a look at the latest models of these versatile bikes.

Triumph Tiger 900 GT

Image credit: Triumph

Triumph will be launching a new version of the Tiger 900 series in 2024. While the complete specs are still under wraps, it’s likely to take the standard of the current Tiger 900 and give all the stats a bit of a boost, which is superb with us, considering it’s already a pretty great machine for putting plenty of miles underneath the tyres.

Sinnis T125

Proving that adventure bikes can be great learner friendly machines, the Sinnis T125 is a groovy little entry level ride that is pretty sizable for a 125cc capacity bike. So if you’re a taller rider it might be a good choice, even if you’re not looking for a daily runaround. 

Benelli TRK 702

If you’re after a decent mid-range machine that’s more than capable of providing the torque, responsive handling you’d want in something calling itself an adventure bike, then the TRK 702 is an extremely good choice. As a bonus, it comes with a free set of aluminium luggage, meaning you’ll have plenty of storage from the off.

Suzuki V-Strom 1050DE

The V-Strom range has been one of the most popular adventure tourers of the 21st century, and the latest version features upgraded electronics and quality of life improvements to make it an even better ride. The 1050DE is designed to be a comfortable and smooth ride with plenty of welly coming from the engine when you need it.

Royal Enfield Himalayan 450

Adventure bikes
Image credit: Royal Enfield

The Himalayan is a great entry-level adventure tourer. It doesn’t have the most powerful engine, but that makes it easy to ride while still being fun. The 2024 version features the first water-cooled engine on a Royal Enfield. 

As the name suggests, it was designed to handle the road conditions in the Himalayas, so it’ll be more than capable of 99% of the roads in the UK, despite the increasing amount of potholes we currently come across.

Kawasaki Versys 650

Kawasaki’s offering to the world of adventure touring is a reliable yet powerful option. The Versys is available with a 1,000cc engine or the smaller but equally perfectly formed 650cc. 

The 2024 edition features a few upgrades to bring it up to spec with standard modern bikes, including a colour display and traction control. 

Honda NX500

Adventure bikes
Image credit: Honda

The NX500 is a new version of Honda’s doughty CB500, with the code taken from the brand’s well remembered Dominator street legal trail bike from the 1990s. It seems 2024 is the year manufacturers decide the readout needs to be a new and slightly fancier type of screen, traction control and better suspension need to be added and there ought to be a few tweaks to the engine, and the NX500 is no exception. It’s also pretty reasonably priced.

Moto Morini X-Cape 650

Another slice of Italian engineering at a surprisingly reasonable price, although it’s a pretty no frills affair in terms of styling. No fancy full colour screen for you, but the X-Cape still has a monochrome LCD readout!

If performance is all you care about, then the X-Cape could be exactly what you’re looking for. The 19-inch front wheel and large front adjustable fork is claimed to guarantee super road holding, meaning it should be just as suitable for off-road tracks as well as mountain passes.  

Lexmoto Assault 125

Another learner friendly adventure bike. Although it’s worth bearing in mind that a 125cc engine means that it’s definitely a ‘some-terrain’ bike rather than the all-terrain beast that is the adventure stereotype. 

But seeing as the Lexmoto Assault 125 throws in a set of panniers, and seeing as it’s a large, comfortable ride at a budget price, if you’re a beginner biker who needs a bigger bike with room for luggage then it’s still a good pick for your urban adventures. 

Zontes 350T

If you’re in the market for an A2 licence compatible adventure bike then Zontes’ offering might well be what you’re searching for. It certainly looks the part, with bold modern styling that’ll make it stand out on the road. 

It also includes features that aren’t normally seen on the more budget end of the motorcycle market, including keyless operation.

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