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Electric vehicles have become a more regular sight on Britain’s roads in recent years and electric motorbikes are no exception. 

OK, there hasn’t been the huge breakthrough in battery technology that will finally let electric motorbikes break the current barriers of range and speed. Nor have we seen a huge investment in the infrastructure required for widely accessible fast charging networks. Nevertheless, there is more choice of electric motorbikes than ever before, from expensive luxury models to affordable budget options.

Here we take a more detailed look at the best models available for anyone considering buying their first electric bike.

1. Zero S

Zero’s city electric motorbike includes a range of incremental improvements over the previous models. It’s not the fastest of electric motorbikes, but it features mature technology from a pretty well-established company so is a good, reliable choice for anyone with £12k to spare. It is also classed as an A1 motorcycle, which means it can be a bike for learners too. Wealthy learners. If you want something with a bit more umph, their top-of-the-range model is the Zero SR/S for around £20,000.

2. CAKE Osa+

Like other electric motorbike brands such as UBCO, CAKE has a stripped-back approach to electric bikes but with a more designed, abstract feel. And the Osa+ is no exception; intended as a workhorse utility electric motorbike, the bike strips the concept of a motorcycle down to a few lines and can be customised with a range of accessories for different purposes. A maximum load of 250kg means it can carry a good amount of stuff and it claims a recharge time of just three hours. Prices start around £7,700. Check this article out for a closer look at Cake bikes.

3. Super Soco TC-Max

In the same bracket of affordability, the TC-Max has a sleek, attractive appearance to it that looks more expensive than it is (from a distance), but it is fundamentally in the same power bracket as other budget electric motorbikes. The TC-Max is ideal for cheap commuting, but definitely not ideal if you need something that can handle long distance journeys. But to be honest, even the most expensive electric bike will fall short on that count.

electric motorcycles
Picture supplied by Cake Bikes.

4. Lexmoto Cypher

Lexmoto is arguably the most popular manufacturer of budget motorcycles and scooters currently in the UK, with a range that includes some of the most affordable electric scooters. The Cypher is their first electric motorbike in the shape of a motorbike and, costing just a little over £2k, is the cheapest on the market. Its 30mph top speed puts it in the moped category, meaning it can be ridden on an AM category licence at the age of 16. The low initial price and running costs mean that it’s a great choice both for new riders and anyone looking for a cheap, eco-friendly method of getting about town.

5. Livewire One

Even pricier, the Livewire One starts at just under £23k. Originally manufactured by Harley-Davidson, Livewire is now a brand in its own right. It’s more reminiscent of a cafe racer than Harley’s iconic chopper and includes all the top-end components and technological refinements you’d expect from a big, expensive bike.

A maximum claimed range of around 103 miles (compared to the Cypher’s 40, for example) gives you an indication of the kind of money you need to spend to match the performance of more powerful ICE motorcycles, but the Livewire One makes a convincing argument to justify its cost.

6. Yamaha Neo’s

The Neo’s is Yamaha’s prestigious electric motorbike, with a stunning design and a 50.4V lithium-ion battery sitting underneath the chassis.

Weighing just 8kg, the battery can be removed from the Neo’s body for charging, which takes around eight hours using a domestic socket. Yamaha says the Neo’s can do 23 miles between charges.

Whilst the mileage may seem poor when compared to others on this list, it’s the Neo’s price that sets it apart as it starts at £2,950. 

If the mileage range is a concern, you can add an additional battery which increases mileage to 42 miles – although that will set you back an extra £1,143.

electric motorcycles
Picture supplied by Lexmoto Motorcycles.

7. Talaria Sting

Talaria entered the UK market in January 2022 with the off-road Sting and followed this up with the road-legal version several months later.

Demand increased further in 2023 with a reduction in the price of the Sting, which is now available for under £4,000 for the off-road version and just over £4,000 for the road legal model. This was swiftly followed by the introduction of the class-leading Sting R, which delivers 33% more peak power, a higher top speed, a 45Ah battery, and 220mm discs. 

Talaria’s lightweight road-legal X3 costs £3,595 and has an all-new frame with an integral 40Ah battery, a top speed of 50mph, and keyless start.

8. Horwin EK1

The eye-catching EK1 moped is equipped with a rear wheel hub engine delivering 2.8kW of power and it comes in at under £2,500 for the base version. 

LED lights, cruise control, helmet storage and ergonomic design combine to make the EK1 a great urban all-rounder for the fashion conscious.

Equivalent to a 50cc, the EK1 achieves up to 28mph from a Samsung battery delivering up to 66 miles of range on a four hour charge. 

The daytime running light runs across the whole front of the moped, giving excellent visibility year around, and automatically disables when the bike is not in use.

electric motorcycles
Picture supplied by Livewire.


The lightweight MQi GT Series comes in at only 128kg and its powerful 5000W motor propels the bike to speeds of up to 62mph, rivalling any 125cc moped on the market. 

The bike boasts a customisable LED dashboard, three dynamic riding modes, and brilliant lighting, making it a breeze to manoeuvre through traffic with confidence and safety. 

With a 60 mile range on a full four and a half hour charge, the MQi GT seems like a lot of bike with a starting price under £2,000. 

The electric motorcycle brands to watch

If you’re wondering which electric motorbike brands are worth keeping an eye on, we’ve listed the manufacturers that we believe are leading the charge:

  • Arc Vector
  • Cake
  • Livewire
  • Horwin
  • Kawasaki
  • Lexmoto
  • NIU
  • Piaggio
  • Sunra
  • Super Soco
  • Sur-Ron 
  • Talaria
  • Yamaha
  • Zero

What licence do I need to ride an electric motorbike?

The licence you need depends entirely on what electric bike you wish to ride. Just like with petrol-powered bikes, there are a few different licences, and the one you need will depend on how powerful your electric motorcycle is. Knowing which licence you need can be complicated, which is why we’ve created a handy infographic to break down what you need to know. 

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