Major innovation in SHARK’s EVO line: compactness and a full array of technical characteristics already rank it among the SHARK brand’s greatest successes!

The new Shark Evo-One is the evolution of the Shark Evoline, with some decent improvements on its predecessor. The Evo-One comes in at 1,650g, that’s a full 100g lighter than its predecessor! 100g may not sound like a lot, but that 100g will save a fair but of strain on your neck when travelling at any sort of speed. With a smaller shell size than the Evoline, this helmet is visually smaller, as well as more aerodynamic.

One of the biggest problems that we find with flip helmets is that the mechanisms leave so many gaps for air to travel through, that they tend to be incredibly noisey. Shark realised this, and through a process called Computational Fluid Design, they have engineered the Evo One to be less affected by wind noise, meaning a quieter and more comfortable ride for you.

Another really great feature that we love is the larger internal sun visor. It’s a massive 23% larger than that of the EvoLine’s sun visor, so you get a much clearer view of the road.

The autoseal visor system provides a nice, tight seal between the visor and the helmet shell, offering improved soundproofing, as well as protection from the cold and rain. The Evo-One comes with a Pinlock anti-fog visor insert as standard, is available in 2 different shell sizes, and can happily accommodate glasses.

Shark have introduced a neat feature they are calling ‘Auto-Up’ & ‘Auto-Down’, in a nutshell that means that the visor automatically retracts when the chin piece is moved up and the visor lifts slightly to allow the chin piece to come down and slide into the locked position. Its pretty neat, but its one of those things that we’re thinking is so simple, we can’t believe it wasn’t there before.

Available in sizes : XS-XL

Retails from £309.99 for plain colours and £329.99 for graphics.



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