This Ducati-Powered Kart Will Rip Wild Wheelies

Go-karts are already fast as hell. They might as well be made of feathers and jet fuel, as most proper iterations can clip into the 70 mph range. At least if we’re not talking about those weird electric ones at K1 Speed. 

But what do you do if you want to go faster? What do you do if you don’t want to wait for a Briggs & Stratton lawnmower or Harbor Freight Predator to get going? What if you want to blitz the drag strip and humiliate Lamborghinis and Nissan GT-Rs? Well, my friends, you swap the engine of course. 

This is no mere swap though. Nor is it another Hayabusa swap. No, the folks who built this motorcycle-engine-swapped go-kart have discerning taste. That’s why they threw a 900cc Ducati engine into the go-karts frame.

Oh yeah, it rips.

The folks responsible for this monstrosity is the YouTube channel Cars and Cameras and their  creation is affectionately called the Dukarti. The build itself was done eight years ago for the TV show Velocity Dispatch, where the crew got it up to 107 mph.

And it sounds properly mad. 

And the latest video from the group sees them head over to The Go Powersports 1/8th-mile drag races, which are all built-up scooters with cast blocks, running nitro meth, and the 1/8th in like a blink of an eye. Naturally, they have their own scooters to run, but also brought the Dukarti and ran it down the prepped drag surface.

I’ll give you two guesses about what happened…

Yep, it pulled a wheelie. There’s enough torque going to the rear wheels from that 900cc engine that it just pulled the front end up. Plus, you can’t go wrong with VHT and a prepped racing surface. 

The Dukarti just pulls and hooks and I really want to have a go in it, though I fear my insurance company would have words with me after. But what do you all think? You going for a Ducati-powered go-kart any time soon?

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