Torrot Launches Kids-Specific Range Of Electric Dirt Bikes

Many a successful motorcycle rider finds his or her roots in off-road riding. While it isn’t an absolute essential, riding off-road truly enhances one’s skills in commandeering a two-wheeled machine—be it a bicycle or a motorcycle. Hence, it is indeed no surprise that some of the world’s greatest motorcyclists, such as the likes of Marc Marquez, spend quite a bit of time riding off-road on both motorbikes and bicycles alike. 

Torrot Launches Range Of Electric Kids Dirt Bikes
Torrot Launches Range Of Electric Kids Dirt Bikes

A French company with roots extending deep into the history of bicycles and motorcycles shares the same philosophy, and has launched a new range of electric dirt bikes specifically for youngsters whose parents are eager to get them into the two-wheeled lifestyle. While the name “Torrot” may not ring a bell to you, this company has been in business since 1948 manufacturing touring and sport-oriented bicycles alongside popular brands like Bianchi and BH. In the 1960s, Torrot began manufacturing mopeds and low-powered motorcycles for commuting and around town duties, all the way until a long hiatus spanning from the 1990s to 2011. 

Fast forward to today, and Torrot has unveiled a thoroughly modern lineup of electric off-road machines in a variety of configurations designed to give kids an exciting and safe entry into motorcycle riding. The bikes come in a trials, enduro, and motard setup, and boast pretty impressive technology which gives parents and guardians the ability to toggle the machines’ outputs depending on the skill level of the child piloting the vehicle. Torrot is calling this the Parent Control System, and enables parents to limit the power, and even switch off their kids’ motorbikes via a wireless system which is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

On top of the sophisticated safety features of Torrot’s new lineup of kids-specific electric bikes, the new machines also feature removable and fast-charging lithium-ion batteries from LiMnCo. These bikes’ electric powertrains provide just enough power for kids to learn the fundamentals of motorcycle riding, without being too overbearing to intimidate or scare kids away from the sport. Keeping everything in check, Torrot has equipped the electric dirt bikes with EBR inverted forks, Mitas tires, and a chrome-molybdenum frame and swing-arm assembly for maximum rigidity, and minimum weight. 

Article by Enrico Punsalang

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