Triumph Speed Triple Recall

Triumph has initiated what appears to be a worldwide recall of 2015-2017 Speed Triple R and Speed Triple S models due to a potential electrical problem that could cause an impromptu stall of the engine.

On affected machines there is a risk of one of the link lead to the regulator rectifier developing an electrical short. A bracket introduced at the start of production may interfere with the link lead, resulting in damage to the outer protective sheathing and over time potentially exposing the wire.

Contact between the bracket and the exposed wire may lead to an electrical short, which in some cases, may cause an engine stall without warning.

Triumph have agreed to remove and replace the Link lead with a new identical part, which will be routed so as to avoid possible contact with the bracket edge.

Affected vehicles have VINs in the range : SMT735337 to SMT854938, which is motorcycles built during 17/09/2015 and 31/08/2017.

Affected owners will be contacted directly, if you have not heard anything and are concerned that you may be affected you are advised to contact your local Triumph dealer.  Triumph are tracking this recall under reference SRAN552


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