Triumph Street Cup Recall

Triumph have issued a recall of the Triumph Street Cup affecting 150 UK motorcycles.

The official description of the problem is : “The hazard warning lamp wiring may not be of the correct length and can become damaged during steering operations. This may cause the hazard lamps not to work but will not affect the individual direction indicators.”

Whilst it seems like an awful lot of effort to go to (personally we can’t recall the last time we actually had a need to use our hazard lights), hazard lights do legally have to be working and operational (if fitted). So in terms of MOT passing, having this rectified is absolutely essential.

Triumph have agreed to extend the wiring by installing a new electrical block connector and fly lead to affected motorcycles.

The Street Cups affected were built between 27/07/2016 and 24/04/2017. They have VINs in the range 780706 – 836082

If you’d like to know more information, or are concerned that you may be affected but have not heard from Triumph, you are advised to contact your local Triumph dealership. Triumph are tracking this recall under reference : SRAN 549

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