There are many places to buy motorcycle helmets online these days, and on the whole, they’ll tell you to measure around your head, take a reading, and then give you a little table to match that up to ‘your size’. (Or atleast they would have you believe thats your size…)

We were recently reminded by Shoei that getting that perfect fitting lid really is not as simple as wacking a tape measure around your head. Shoei is a brand that prides itself on quality, safety, and comfort, to the point that they have even trained up their dealers to offer a free custom fitting service! They call these specially trained dealers ‘Shoei Assured’.

Unlike other helmet brands who usually use 1 or 2 shell sizes and pack the hell out of it with linings to change the size, Shoei are now offering 4 different shell sizes*, this means that you already get a more closely matching fit right from the outset. However, in true Shoei style, they wanted to go one more, so they also offer 3 different sized linings which can be retrofitted into your new lid! This service is completely free of charge, and can be asked for at ANY Shoei Assured Dealer.

Most helmet brands offer standard sizing in S-XL, with some moving into the outlying sizes XS, and XXL (or even 3XL for the proper meatheads), so you can expect a normal size choice of 4-6 sizes. With Shoei’s fitting service, you essentially have the choice of 12 sizes per helmet model. Now if you can’t achieve the most comfortable (and safe) fit with that amount of choices, then you’re probably in the aforementioned ‘meathead’ category… in which case, we wish you luck with your search.

So the moral of the story, spend a little time to get your lid fitted correctly, after all, it could save your life! If you’re in any doubt, pop into a Shoei Assured Dealer and ask for their free fitting service.

Find your local Shoei Assured Dealer at :

*Some of the older current models have 3 shell sizes, but still have the 3 different padding sizes available per shell size.

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