Where to buy Motorcycle Clothing

We are often hearing new Bikers’ ask where to buy motorcycle clothing, so we thought we’d write a little post explaining your options when it comes to buying new gear!

There are thousands of great independent local bike shops across the country, and whilst often limited in their range, they will generally bend over backwards to help you get kitted out in the right stuff. If you have no idea where to begin, or you want a lot of guidance and help on choosing the right kit and the right sizing, then we’d recommend you visit one of these.

If you know what item(s) you’re after and don’t need someone to explain how the kit works and what you should and shouldn’t be wearing, then we’d recommend you shop online. For a lot of us, online shopping for bike gear is such a foreign concept, but, as you may have noticed, it is where the world is going.  Pretty much everything can be bought and sold online these days, Motorcycle gear is no different!  The good news is that there are a handful of companies that are doing a really stellar job at bringing the convenience of online shopping into the Motorcycle Clothing arena. By shopping online not only will you find a vastly bigger range, but you’ll often find its cheaper too! Pretty much all of the online retailers these days offer free delivery, free returns, free exchange postage, money back guarantees and super fast turnaround times, so you can’t really go wrong buying online.

So back to our original question of ‘Where to buy Motorcycle Clothing’, well in a nutshell, you either go local, or you go online. Everyone will have something different when it comes to local, so our answer to “where to buy motorcycle clothing” is going to cover off what is available nationally online. In our opinion, when taking into account personal experience, range, and technology, there are 5 main online retailers to choose from in the UK.

1. GetGeared

GetGeared is one of the oldest online Motorcycle Clothing retailers in existence, and to this day is still family owned and run.  Starting up 15 years ago, and now with 2 retail stores covering Surrey and Yorkshire, they offer the best combination of value, experience, advice, and service. Plus they’re a small business, which means we get that good feeling inside when we buy from them! ūüėÄ  If you like supporting small business’ and are looking into where to buy Motorcycle Clothing from, you’d do well to start here!

Note: Add a minimum of £99 of gear to your basket to see your discount apply.

2. SportsBikeShop

SportBikeShop is also a fairly old retailer in terms of Motorcycle Clothing.  Having in recent years been taken over by a Venture Capital group, their offer expanded rapidly with them now stocking an incredibly wide range of product.  If you’re after something less mainstream, you’ll most likely find it here (along with the mainstream brands).

3. GhostBikes

GhostBikes is a well established online retailer for Motorcycle Clothing.  They tend to have enormous sales and discounts on throughout the year but you usually find that the big savings have very limited sizing/stock available.  They carry a decent customer service rating, and also one of the best price promise guarantees we’ve seen.

4. J&S Accessories

J&S Accessories is more of a Bricks and Mortar retail shop business.  With 30 locations across the UK, there is sure to be one near you!  In recent years they’ve given their website an upgrade which makes it worth taking a look at.  Take a look at their website here, and it’s worth checking out where your local shop is!

5. MotoCentral

In your quest to find where to buy Motorcycle Clothing online, you should definitely consider having a look at MotoCentral.  With an extremely well stocked, and nicely presented range in their Midlands store, they have also invested in their website recently, allowing people further afield to enjoy their products and service.

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