We are often hearing new Bikers’ ask where to buy motorcycle clothing, so we thought we’d write a little post explaining your options when it comes to buying new gear!

There are thousands of great independent local bike shops across the country, and whilst often limited in their range, they will generally bend over backwards to help you get kitted out in the right stuff. If you have no idea where to begin, or you want a lot of guidance and help on choosing the right kit and the right sizing, then we’d recommend you visit one of these.

If you know what item(s) you’re after and don’t need someone to explain how the kit works and what you should and shouldn’t be wearing, then we’d recommend you shop online. Not only will you find a vastly bigger range, but you’ll often find its cheaper too! Pretty much all of the online retailers these days offer free delivery, free returns, free exchange postage, money back guarantees and super fast turnaround times, so you can’t really go wrong buying online.

So back to our original question of ‘Where to buy Motorcycle Clothing’, well in a nutshell, you either go local, or you go online. Everyone will have something different when it comes to local, so our answer to “where to buy motorcycle clothing” is going to cover off what is available nationally online. In our opinion, when taking into account personal experience, range, and technology, there are just 2 online retailers to choose from in the UK.

Where to buy Motorcycle Clothing

1. GetGeared.co.uk

GetGeared have been around since 2004, they have an enormous online presence, as well as 2 retail stores. One in Yorkshire and one in Surrey. In our opinion GetGeared are the most ‘customer focussed’ of all of the online stores. Thats not to say that the others aren’t focussed, but we genuinely get the impression that everything they do revolves around whats right for us as consumers. Here’s how we reach that conclusion; They offer free delivery, free returns, free exchange shipment, 0% interest free finance (over 2 years!), a customer loyalty scheme (which is super easy), AND their product descriptions are actually helpful.  A lot of the online retailers are pretty lazy when it comes to product descriptions, they’ll give you the 5 main specs of an item and then they’re done. GetGeared actually feel like they’re advising us about why an item would or wouldn’t suit our needs. Now achieving that through a screen, we thought was pretty darn impressive! Being based in London, we’re also lucky enough to be able to pop into their shop in Leatherhead from time to time, the staff there have always been accommodating and helpful. So our top marks for all round experience definitely got to GetGeared. Keep it up guys!

Where to buy Motorcycle Clothing

2. SportsBikeShop.co.uk

These guys started in 2005, again, they have a huge online presence with a super clean looking site, that is really easy to use.  At times it almost feels clinical, It’s what we imagine an apple motorcycle clothing website would feel like! Its clean, easy to use, and basically just does what it says on the tin! If you want something and you know what it is that you want, you can find it, purchase it and have it delivered quickly with minimal fuss. The entire process just feels slick. Their range is the biggest of all of the online retailers, they have everything we knew existed for bikers, along with some brands that we had no idea about.  They too offer free delivery, free returns, and 0% interest free finance. So if you want an Amazon sizes range of motorcycle gear, look no further! The reason that SportsBikeShop fall in second place is whilst the range is superb, they don’t really do a great job of explaining to me why I may want ‘Jacket A’ over ‘Jacket B, C, D, E’ and in their case F through to P.. They say that humans struggle when confronted with too many choices, which is a notion I often disagreed with. That is until I was looking for a pair of boots at SportsBikeShop!  They also don’t offer any kind of loyalty scheme, so if I’m loyal to a brand, overall I’ll be financially slightly  better off at GetGeared.

Overall both GetGeared and SportsBikeShop are both great retailers, so to answer your question of “Where to buy motorcycle clothing”, and you can’t really go wrong shopping with either. Personally, for us, GetGeared have a slight edge due to their ‘through screen’ interpersonal skills, and their loyalty scheme. Some will agree, some will disagree, but its our opinion, and now we’ve shared it!

Of the 2 we’re recommending, which is your favourite retailer and why?

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