Back in July 2016, both of these models were recalled due to the clutch release bearing not being to specification which could have resulted in difficult clutch and gear use. Additionally, the oil pump pressure relief valve was found not to be to specification which could have resulted in reduced lubrication and potentially cause an engine seizure.

That was all taken care of fairly swiftly with Yamaha agreeing to recall the machines that were likely to be affected and replace the clutch pressure plate and oil pump assemblies with remedial parts.

Fast forward less than a year, and its looking like they’ll all be called back. This time for 2 different reasons;

1. Engine vibration transmitted to the fuel tank may cause the spot weld of the bracket to break, potentially causing a fuel leak, and therefore fire.

2. Corrosion of the switch electrical terminals may develop due to water contamination, causing a loss of electrical power.

There are currently 893 MT03’s registered on UK roads, and 393 YZF-R3’s. So once issued, this recall will potentially affect 1,286 UK bikers.

Yamaha usually rolls out its recalls fairly swiftly compared with some other brands, with the recall already in full swing in Australia, we’re expecting the UK to be notified next month.

We’ll keep you updated, and let you know the details of the UK recall once confirmed.

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