Yamaha MT09 Recall 2017

MT09 Recall 2017

Update: This recall has now been officially issued.  The recall is as per below, affecting a total of 7,625 bikes in the UK.  Yamaha is tracking this recall under ref MR1702.  If you have not been contacted but are concerned that you may be affected, please contact your local Yamaha Dealer.

Affected VINS:

RN296*0002439 to RN296*0014035
RN291*0000373 to RN291*0005217
RN435*0000788 to RN435*0003420
RN29F*0000371 to RN29F0023224
RN438*0001354 to RN438*0004158
RN431*0000351 to RN431*0007725
RN29s*0000527 to RN29S*0004456

The UK always tends to be a tad late to the party when it comes to motorcycle recalls, however there is almost certainly a Yamaha MT09 recall on the horizon.  This particular recall affects all MT09’s and XSR900’s affecting just north of 7,500 bikes in the UK.

The Problem: The lower handlebar holder may loosen due to a painting issue and the inadequate application of the thread-locking agent on the stud bolt threads.

The Risk: If the handlebar is struck hard enough, there is a good possibility that it could come loose. The possibility of the handlebar actually coming off is a major safety hazard and Yamaha plans to recall all the MT-09, MT-09 Tracers, and XSR900’s assembled from 2015 to 2017

The Solution: Affected owners will be notified (eventually), and dealers will replace the lower handlebar holder, free of charge.

There are 22,443 affected motorcycles on the road in the USA, the USA have already announced their recall of affected machines.  Owners can contact Yamaha customer service on 1-800-962-7926. Yamaha’s USA’s reference for this recall is 990114.

Australia also announced their recall earlier this week, but have not confirmed the number of motorcycles involved.  We’ll update you once the official recall notice is issued with any further information.

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